Five Books That Will Inspire You to Travel


Need some travel inspiration? Would like to read something truly fascinating? We’ve got you covered! Before you start reading, you might want to check 666 Casino and find out how can you win more money for your future travels.

Here is the list of five awesome books that you will inspire you to travel more. Especially helpful if you’re a student working on, say, a finance essay you don’t want to finish.

Here are 5 books for your wanderlusting reads!

best books for travel

Eat, Pray, Love

No book list would be complete without the most famous of all female travel books. This popular novel by Elizabeth Gilbert tells the story of a woman who travels to Italy, India and Indonesia trying to figure out who she really is.

This book is rather popular among university students who read it to unwind and focus on something different instead of trying to find finance dissertation help online. ‘Eat, Pray, Love’ has stayed on the list of best sellers for 187 weeks.

The DaVinci Code

Another book that will inspire you to plan your next vacation to France and Italy is ‘The Da Vinci Code’ by Dan Brown. If you need a distraction from the task of writing a personal finance paper, this is the perfect novel to read. The plot of the book is so intricate you will manage to forget about everything around you as soon as you open the first page. So many historical sights play a significant role in the development of the plot as well. France and Italy are almost characters of the book in and of themselves!

An Autobiography

Need a bit of motivation? Want to read about fascinating adventures of a famous person instead of trying to come across trustworthy finance economics homework help? If that is the case, reading Agatha Christie’s ‘An Autobiography’ is exactly what you need. A lot of Oxford students enjoy reading this book because Agatha Christie truly lived a full life. What is more, she even took a journey around the world! This book is a collection of different stories some of which were real while others might have been fictional.


The fourth novel to mention is called ‘Shantaram’. Its author is an Australian writer named Gregory David Roberts who finds himself, and an unlikely community, in India. If you’ve ever wanted to explore India, this book offers a fascinating portrayal into life here. But it’s a journey of a read! At over 600 pages this is one of those epic books all travelers brag about after reading it. See for yourself if you like it!


The final novel on the list of the most inspirational books is ‘Siddhartha’ by Herman Hesse. The plot of this book deals with a spiritual journey of the main character whose name is Siddhartha. The author dwells upon the approaches a human being uses to understand the reality and to achieve enlightenment. Having read this book, you might feel like you have been on a personal soul-searching journey yourself.

All in all, reading books about travels is the one best ways to get inspired not only to get out there and see the world, but also to try and figure out what the meaning of your life is. A journey can also mean the process of soul-searching and not necessarily getting from one physical place to another.

The more you read, the more you think about life, your personal goals and desires. What is more, reading a truly inspiring book may finally motivate you to do something youhave been dreaming of for so long. The novels listed in this article will definitely inspire you to do at least something: either make some changes in your life or plan your next trip to a dream country.

What books are you loving in the travel space?


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