Four items to remind you of home when traveling


So, you’re about to go on the trip of a lifetime, and you’re not entirely sure of how long you’ll be away for? It might be just for a few weeks, or it could be months or years. It’s a hugely exciting time for you, but having a reminder of home will help when the excitement starts to wear off.

If you’re close to your familiar surroundings, here are a few items you may want to take along with you.

A Keepsake

This can be absolutely anything you want it to be, so long as it’s something of significance to you. It can feel warming to have an item with you that you can only get from home. This can be a bracelet, a watch, a diamond brooch, or another item you can take with you. With this said, be wary of taking items of high monetary value with you however, as you wouldn’t want to lose them.


Certain smells and tastes can take you back to a special time and place: there are particular plates that remind you of school, people, or even trips from when you were younger. It’s the same when you’re away from home, so try to take some of those local treats with you on your travels so you have something to take you back home even if just a few minutes.

You could even try to recreate some of your own dishes from home to get that same feeling. Try cooking for a group of friends, and waiting for the verdict.

Cuddly toy

If you have a stuffed animal that you’ve had since you were very young, it may be one of your most prized possessions – so you can’t leave home without it. It’ll be something to fondly remind you of home. If you travel around a lot – even if it’s just short trips every so often – you may feel lonely. Having something such as a cuddly toy might even help you to fall asleep.

Clothing (or a blanket)

Nothing shows how proud you are of your roots than a piece of clothing with your hometown’s name emblazoned on it. It might even be a conversation starter with people as you start to get to know people – even if you’re just in town for a few short days.

It doesn’t even need to shout about where you’re from. If there’s a traditional piece of clothing, or type of pattern or style, or material used for certain items, then that can help you feel more at home, too – you just need to put it on and you’re there again.

The same thing goes for blankets, they can help you to feel cozy and relaxed. You can use it for naps, lounging around, or just so you can get comfortable when doing chores or catching up on other tasks.


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