Four Tips for Organizing a Great Networking Event


Whether you’re a blogger, run your own business while traveling or just want to get together and network with other solo travelers, planning your own networking event can be a fabulous way to do this. And, you can host your networking event at home or abroad – the options truly are endless. From a small get-together at a restaurant or café to a large-scale event that everybody’s going to be talking about, planning and organizing a networking event is a great way to connect with like-minded people, make new friends, learn something new and make a name for your business or brand. Here are some top tips for organizing a networking event to remember.

#1. Work With Professionals:

If you’re hoping to host a large, professional event with all the trimmings, then it’s best to work alongside professionals who can help you with planning, operation, and much more. It’s definitely worth hiring a reputable, experienced events planning company that can help you bring your ideas to life and make everything you are hoping for possible with their extensive list of contracts. And, think about the type of things you want to bring to your event – if you’re planning a live band, for example, then an event production company can help you ensure that the audio and visual side of things is spot on.

#2. Make Registration Easy:

Once you’ve got your event planning off the ground and have located and secured a venue, make it easy for potential attendees to register to the event. Whether you’re holding a small, casual get-together or a big party, use online services like Facebook Events or Eventbrite to allow attendees to easily learn more about what to expect and register their interest. This not only adds an extra level of convenience that people will appreciate – but also helps you quickly and easily gauge how many guests will attend so that you can change your plans accordingly if needed.

#3. Carefully Consider Your Choice of Venue:

The venue that you choose will not only need to be large enough to host the number of guests that you expect to arrive but also suitable for anything that you’re planning to incorporate into your event. If you’re putting on live music and interesting talks, for example, then make sure that you go for a venue with a stage area. For a smaller networking event, you can find many hotels that will allow you to use their lobby or a conference hall area. Restaurants and bars are great options for low-key, causal events with just a few guests.

#4. Connect People:

Finally, be a connector – don’t just think of ways to connect with people yourself; as soon as you meet somebody, be on the lookout for opportunities to connect these people with others. Try to find people who you think might benefit from meeting one another and keep track of these connections. Next time you see these guests, follow up to see whether or not they benefited from the interaction.

Hosting a networking event can be a fun and exciting process, and you’ll get to meet plenty of interesting people in the meantime.


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