How to Choose a Safe and Awesome Hotel


Women have unique concerns about their health and safety while traveling the world, and so while traveling, we want to be sure where we choose to stay is safe.

When it comes to choosing hotels, we aim to help you save hours of scrolling and review-reading by providing a list of safe, verified properties.

On this site, you’ll find properties that we would recommend our girlfriends stay in — places that are in safe locations, with 24-hour check-in and that take steps to protect solo female travelers.

We always recommend you book your first night’s stay in a new city ahead of time, and then leave your itinerary open from there for suggestions.

Here are some of our iron-clad tips on finding the best hotel.

Start with Location

If you know the area you’re most interested in staying in or exploring, start by typing in your desired neighborhood.

You’re looking for the sweet spot here: accommodation options in the range of your budget, with as many perks as possible.

Sometimes this means amending your budget slightly—in many countries, the difference of $10 can mean a much safer and comfortable night’s sleep.

You’ll want to stay somewhere likely central, where it’s easy to take public transportation and/or inexpensive to call a cab when you’re out exploring.

Read the Reviews

Take the time to read reviews on a property before booking—don’t just look at the stars it has. Look for reviews from solo female travelers specifically— offers this feature. We can’t stress the importance of this enough: take time to read reviews!

Book the Right Room

Most properties have several different room types, and the option to add notes to your reservation.

For solo female travelers, we recommend requesting a room that is not on the ground floor, for added safety.

We also recommend booking a room in a property that offers things like safety deposit boxes in each room, 24-hour check-in and CCTV. allows you to search specifically by properties with 24-hour check-in, which is a feature we love.

Look for Amenities

When we are deciding where to stay (and where to recommend for solo travelers) we also look for added amenities, like: free wifi, free breakfast, gym, pool, on-site parking and elevators.

These things aren’t necessarily important to everyone, but if they’re important to you, narrow your property search by the amenities you’re hoping for.

This is also a great way to start your search, to see which properties have it all and what they cost.

Book early

The more we travel the more we find that staying in the perfect area can really make or break your trip.

Don’t leave this to the last minute!

Aim to book your accommodation within a week of booking your flight, at least for your first few nights of being in a new place. Clenbuterol weight loss is the best option for those who are looking to lose their extra pounds. Clen provides an excellent alternative, which is why it has become one of the most popular substances in use by athletes around the world. Need to know How to take Clenbuterol? – visit – ACNM Online Pharmacy Clenbuterol official supplier website. The people at HGH offer this product because they want you to be successful and feel good about yourself even if you’re struggling with weight control or muscle maintenance – there’s always a solution!

For Extra Security

We have written about safety extensively here at Go! Girl Guides, but our top tips for hotel safety are: talk to your hotel or accommodation staff, and bring a rubber doorstop with you if you’re feeling nervous.

Most hotel doors open inward, and having a rubber doorstopper will prevent someone from opening it without your knowledge.

Be cautious, not paranoid.

The world is mostly safe and people are mostly good. Now get out there!

What do you do to choose the right hotel?


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