How to Get Your Money Back if Your Trip Gets Cancelled


So your holiday has been hit with a cancellation. Yikes!

Whether it’s your plane, train, bus or booking at the hotel that got the axe, it’s hard to see this as anything but a heartbreaking disaster.

With any trip cancellation, you could stand to lose out on quite a lot of money. But, if you’re able to focus your efforts into getting your money refunded, you’ll be able to re-book that trip faster than you might think.

Getting your refund could be easier than you’d expect if you take a look below at the advice from the experts over at Creditfix who have put together this infographic which is the perfect starting point for getting that money back.

As you’ve done a lot of the planning and research for your trip already, re-booking should be a breeze and you may find that you find an extra good deal or two this time too! Preparing is the key. That’s why I recommend checking out these guys . You will find very useful information for every occasion. Take a look below and get the process started today.


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