How to Make The Most of Your Adult Getaway


Over the years, travel has become an inherent part of most of our lives and we tend to travel and visit new places or cities for various reasons either for official duties or leisure and recreation purposes. Depending on which one influences you, accommodation plays a key role in every tour you plan therefore you would want to ensure that you book a room in that perfect hotel of your choice.

People generally have their travel checklist which are unique to every individual in order to make their stay super smooth since we all are different and have different likes and dislikes but there are a few more tips that can add a few more checkboxes on that list if you want to get the most out of your hotel experience, and they are as follows:

Arriving early and staying late

The arrive-early and stay-late trick is elementary to lengthening the time you get to lounge in your hotel’s lap of luxury. It works exemplary well especially for overnights thus making it seem arguably long, just like a weekend away from home or traveling abroad and hopping between inns every two or three nights just for a taste of the new experience.

In case you happen to have loyalty with a certain hotel group, they will usually be more than willing to oblige based on the availability of the rooms, when you ask about extending your stay by a few more hours.

But if at all you are not part of any loyalty program, just remember that early check-ins and late check-outs are not by any chance odd requests and in order, to prime staff your extension, ensure you give the front desk a heads up that you are thinking of checking in early and staying late. In most cases they will say that they cannot guarantee your request in advance but they will at least make a note in the system and most smart brands will try and accommodate such a request for fear of losing a possible loyal client in the near future, and whether you gain one or four more hours, it’s still a win-win for you.

Be in the Know

As a good traveler, you should try as much as possible to arrive educated. Do not attempt to show up to a reception with zero idea of what amenities are included and what fees or incidentals are extra, but instead look into the hotel’s perks and incidentals and do a thorough research of the hotel packages and all they have to offer prior to your arrival to avoid any last minute surprises and to hit the ground running. It doesn’t hurt to confirm all the amenities you’re exhilarated about with the hotel agent you’re speaking to when you arrive and even ask for any insider information or best practices to employ during your hotel stay to ensure you get the most out of it.

Use the “Do Not Disturb Sign” to Your Advantage

The “Do Not Disturb” sign comes in handy when put on the door before one hits the sack. No one likes to get disturbed while enjoying their sleep and since in most cases the housekeeping team starts cleaning rooms early in the morning, make sure to use the tag and enjoy your dream to avoid unnecessary disturbances by hotel staff.

Let the Hotelier Know the Occasion

Best hotels happen to know that apart from lodging, they are in the business of surprise and delight, therefore, have a role to play to help you enjoy the good times in your life and make them memorable for you. With this in mind, you, therefore, must inform the property in advance in case you might be celebrating something at the time of your stay at the hotel.

This gives them a reason and opportunity to gift you with perks they have at the ready e.g. a bottle of champagne, a bed of roses, an early check-in or late checkout, free transportation to and from the airport or a coveted upgrade to the lounge level just to make you feel special.

If they forget to mention it during your check-in, you can casually let the front desk agent know how delighted you are to be staying at their property to celebrate your occasion. This might get you a special treat since information is still fresh unlike the one mentioned in advance where information may get lost in the shuffle and they forget to do something about it.

Loyalty Equals Royalty

As a traveler, unless you book the presidential suite or dash out money at the hotel like you’re Kim Kardashian, it’s mostly loyalty that equals royalty. Knowing the details of your loyalty program and how it relates to redemptions or perks for your stay is very important as far as augmenting your experience is concerned.

Always double check if you’re a member of the hotel’s rewards program for complimentary nights, vouchers or extras as well as if your travel credit card has available cash or points that are of relevance to the room or can be used for add-ons such as hotel breakfast.

Know the Staff and Tip Well

Friendliness goes a long way and when combined with tipping well makes all the difference in the kind of services you receive.

The best adult getaway destinations often have something special in store for the couples that visit them. You just need to know how to put yourself on the list for those extra perks.


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