How to Tell if Your Hotel Room is Actually Clean


Regardless of how much money you are spending, you expect your hotel room to be clean. Unfortunately, even if it looks tidy at first glance, this does not always mean that it is as clean as you hope it to be beneath the surface.

Here are some travel tips and hacks to help you determine just how clean your hotel room actually is before you tuck yourself into your new bed for the night.

Examine the bedding

While most travelers wish they could snuggle into plush, luxurious Madison Park bedding, if your budget doesn’t quite allow for such five-star treatment, the very least that you can expect is that your sheets and comforter have been recently washed, and that the bed is free from bed bugs, stains and the like.

However, not all hotels will be as strict about this as you might think – hence the reason why it is imperative that you examine the bedding closely before saying goodnight. Bed bugs are tiny and are easy to miss. Look for small brown specks that look like apple seeds and, of course, check for any nasty stains.

If you really don’t trust it, you can always call housekeeping when you arrive and politely request that they change the bedspread and pillow cases – just to be safe!

Inspect various aspects of the room

There is a difference between a quick dusting and a thorough clean. Obviously, when staying in a hotel, you of course hope for the latter. A foolproof way to check just how clean your hotel room actually is, is to inspect specific aspects of the room that are often neglected if cleanliness isn’t a priority for the hotel.

Check for mold and mildew around the bathtub or shower, look at the grouting in the shower, move the bed to see if it has recently been vacuumed underneath, and wipe your finger across the window pane. If there is any evidence of dirt or dust, the room unfortunately isn’t as clean as it should be.

Do your research before booking

Get a feel for the cleanliness of a hotel even before you book a room there. Check the reviews. TripAdvisor, for instance, allows real travelers to review attractions, activities and accommodation. This should be your first stop when looking for a quality hotel before making your way to your next holiday destination. яндекс

The reviews are honest and often extremely detailed, so you will know almost exactly what to expect ahead of making a booking. If there are any reviews about a lack of cleanliness, steer clear and look elsewhere. Remember, if ever you find yourself in a dirty, unkempt hotel room, you are well within your rights to request a new one or to check out immediately and find a different place to stay.

Keep the aforementioned tips and hacks in mind, and you are sure to find a hotel worthy of your patronage no matter where in the world your itchy, travel-hungry feet have carried you. 


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