Stay Safe in the Water This Summer: Water Safety Tips


Already looking forward to your vacation? Or have you made plans with friends to visit the lake, the local pool or the beach this summer? Summer is the perfect time of year for exploring, having adventures and making memories with your friends and family.

It’s easy to get swept up in the excitement of it all and cram in as much fun as possible in before the cold Autumnal weather creeps in again. So, a trip to the local pool or beach is definitely on everyone’s summer “to-do” list.

But do you know how to stay safe in the water? Sadly, thousands of accidents, injuries and even fatalities occur each year due to people failing to adhere to basic water safety rules or getting hurt in dangerous swimming pools – contact a personal injury lawyer located in Myrtle Beach if you or a loved one has been injured in a pool.

So, to prevent your summer from turning into a complete disaster, check out these summer water safety tips below.

Check for lifeguards

Only swim at lifeguarded beaches, lakes and public pools. Having a highly trained lifeguard present means that if anything does go wrong, you’ll have access to someone who knows CPR, and how to retrieve someone out of the water safely.

Get to know the flags!

If you’re at the beach, you’ll find plenty of indicators that are there to keep you safe. Beach flags can tell you and your friends where is safe to swim and where certain activities might be taking place. Only swim between the flags and if you’re unsure of what they mean, ask the lifeguard.

Never drink and swim

There’s nothing more refreshing than a cool beer at the waterside. And while summer is all about having fun, you should exercise caution. Never enter the water after you’ve consumed alcohol. Whether you’re at a beach, lake or local pool swimming whilst intoxicated is incredibly dangerous. You may be more likely to take risks, have less coordination and be unable to stop yourself from entering a dangerous situation.

Never swim alone

It’s tempting to make the most of an empty pool or body of water. You have the whole place to yourself! However, to keep yourself safe near water you should never swim alone. If you were to be swept away by a current, or get into difficulty then there would be no one to help you, or even know you were missing.

Know your own abilities

If you’re not a strong swimmer, then diving into a deep area of water that requires a long swim back to shore is incredibly dangerous, as is trying to keep up with others who are more proficient at swimming than you are. Knowing your own swimming abilities will help keep you safe and make your day much more enjoyable.

And finally, stay safe in the sun

Checking the weather conditions before you head out for the day is essential in keeping you safe by the waterside. Avoid sunstroke and sunburn by wearing adequate sun protection and keeping yourself hydrated.

Are you a water baby too? How do you stay safe in the water?


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