Things to do if Your Flight is Delayed or Cancelled


If you enjoy traveling, then you’ve likely experienced the dreadfulness of flight delays and even cancellations. These problems can put you into heartache as you have to reschedule all your activities. But they don’t have to!

Here are a few key things you can do if you experience flight interruptions.

What To Do During A Flight Delay?

Flight delays can be very irritating and leave you with little options. One very essential traveling tip you should employ is checking your flight times for delays prior to leaving for the airport.

If you can catch the delay before you leave to head to the airport, you can save yourself a lot of uncomfortable time-wasting. Staying at home a couple of extra hours can allow you to do some cleaning, double check your luggage, or just enjoy some time relaxing on the couch watching television. At least you’ll be in the comfort of your home environment. The same holds true for flight delays when returning home. Simply hang out at the hotel, if you can.

When you experience flight delays in between flights, you’ll find yourself usually stuck at the airport. However, if you end up being at an airport where there are close businesses, cafes, and other attractions within walking distance, you can enjoy some more sight-seeing. If there’s nothing within walking distance, simply walk the airport. You can check out the shops without buying anything. Consider it as a positive for getting in a nice workout before being cramped up on the plane. Consider taking up a conversation with a stranger and learn as much about them as possible. Distraction is key here.

What To Do If Your Flight Was Canceled?

We all dread hearing that our flight has been canceled, but it happens. It’s important to start by identifying when the next available flights will be. If your flight from home got canceled, you can simply head home and look up other options. When you’re away from home, dealing with a canceled flight gets to be a little more tricky.

Start by assessing where you can stay. Since you should have a general idea of when the next flight is available, you can make an informed decision about where you’re going to stay, and you can ask the airline to compensate you for this. If the next flight will be within a few hours, then you may just want to hang out at the airport and utilize the tips above such as in the event of a flight delay.

If the next flight isn’t scheduled for another day or two, you’re going to need some accommodations. This is where the emergency fund kicks in. Get on your phone and book a place to stay so that you can get some sleep. This could be a hotel or an Airbnb home. It really doesn’t matter as long as it gets you out of the airport and into relaxation.

No one likes dealing with a canceled flight. However, staying in the airport for hours or days on end is not going to make it any better. Take the time to get a comfortable place to stay so you can positively enjoy the cancelation to the best extent possible. If you were heading to somewhere like Italy or France don’t forget to file a claim for your European flight delay compensation. A simple search online can reveal how much you’ll be entitled to depending on your delay or canceled flight length. яндекс

Dealing With Lost Luggage

One of the biggest fears that people have of flying is losing their luggage. It’s important to have a plan to follow in the event that your luggage is accidentally lost by the flight company. Start by heading over to the customer service counter to report your lost luggage. They’ll likely do a double check of their facility to ensure that your luggage is not somewhere close.

Next, they’ll take your contact information and let you know when your luggage arrives. Realize that although it may feel like the end of the world, that’s not the reality of it. You have clothes on that you can wash at the hotel. There are stores that sell clothes every day. You don’t have to go buy a new wardrobe, but you can purchase another set of clothes if you need to. When you accept that the situation has happened and you just have to deal with it, the intensity of the situation goes away.

Dealing with a flight that is delayed or canceled can be something that we all worry about having to handle at some point during our travels. The reality is that you can handle it with ease as long as you accept the situation and simply move forward to making the most of it.

Have you ever had a flight cancelled or delayed?


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