Top 5 Locations for the Perfect Girls Getaway


Getting away is always a good idea – especially if you’re getting away with with your girls! There’s just something special about traveling with your besties that doesn’t happen anytime else. Let your hair down, catch up, get massages, laugh until you cry: then return home feeling refreshed and rejuvenated. It’s the perfect recipe for fun. 

Here are the top 5 locations to consider when planning your next girls’ getaway.


You can’t think of another city that is as perfect as Miami, Florida, for a girls’ getaway destination. This location is ideal if you want to have fun, get wild, and have a blast on your getaway. It’s possible to blow your budget here, but equally there is plenty to do in Miami that won’t cost you. Hotel Fontainebleau Miami Beach is the most elegant hotel in the neighborhood, offering you some of the best music for an incredible party. If you’re down for a relaxing soak, Lapis Spa is your best choice. Delicious Raw also offers the best smoothies to beat the heat of the sun. For some gorgeous photograph, Wynwood Walls offers you some Instagram-worthy murals you should check out.



Botswana is known as one of South Africa’s leading safari destinations. This location is suitable if you want to relax, learn new things, and enjoy the beauty of the earth on your getaway. In Chobe and Okavango, you can find some of the finest wildlife viewing on the planet – buffalo, zebra, and giraffe often gather in this site. One of the best luxury Botswanan safari destinations that deserve a place on your itinerary is the Kalahari Desert with its San Bushman culture. You can learn about their way of life, wisdom, paintings, and ritual dances of their culture. Another site worth visiting is the Tsodilo Hills, an outdoor art gallery depicting San Bushmen culture on rock paintings. It is a UNESCO World Heritage Site.


If you’ve never been to Europe, Dublin is a great place to have your girls’ getaway. Visit the Guinness Storehouse and Brewery and taste Ireland’s most renowned beer. Temple Bar is the best place in the neighborhood to spend the night carousing to live music. Experience firsthand the beauty of Emerald Isle. Adare Manor offers thrilling adventures such as horseback riding, fishing, and falconry. A falcon on your holiday card, isn’t that exciting?

girls getaway in mykonos


Mykonos is the Island of Winds in the Aegean Sea and considered one of the top travel destinations perfect for a girls’ getaway. It is known for its popular cosmopolitan place with its pristine white streets, gorgeous beaches, and booming nightlife. Also, windmills are dotted everywhere on the island. The city center is a web of pathways full of shops, boutiques, cafes, and restaurants. Plus, every corner of this destination is an Instagram-worthy site. Beautiful Mykonos villas that are by the sea are just right if you want a leisurely walk to the beach. If you desire a getaway full of partying, exploring things, relaxing under the sun, and swimming in blue waters, Mykonos is the best location for you.


Ibiza is the perfect girls getaway location for stunning parties, shopping, and beach fun. There is no other place that has the best party vibe and beauty than Ibiza. Ibiza has various stunning beaches, hotels, and beach clubs you will surely enjoy with your friends. The island offers excellent places to eat, and of course its world-famous party places. You won’t be able to fit it all in, so if partying is your thing, choose wisely. In Ibiza, you will experience a party you have never experienced before. Make sure you pack your best swimsuit and party outfits; you never know who you might bump into.


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