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Visiting Niagara Falls is a wonderful experience in itself, but, there is so much more you can enjoy while you are in the area. The fact that around 30 million people visit the Falls means that all tastes and interests are catered for. There are some great attractions for you to enjoy, here are just a few examples.

Stay in a five-star hotel

We loved staying at the Niagara Falls Marriott while at Niagara Falls, but there are several options for where to stay while you’re there.

The best hotels offer rooms that have a view of the waterfalls (usually on the Canadian side). Being able to lie in bed or sit in your chair and look out over them is an enthralling experience. You can get some wonderful photos, especially at night when the Falls are beautifully lit.

Take a boat trip

Getting up close to the waterfalls is really worth doing. Taking a boat trip will allow you to do exactly that. The best ones take you to the base of the falls. In fact, you get so close that they have to give you a waterproof poncho to stop you from getting soaked by the mist.

If you are a bit of an adrenaline junkie, taking the jet boat tour is the way to go. It is fast, thrilling and very exciting.

Enjoy a meal with a view of the Falls

It is always nice to treat yourself to an extra special meal every now and again. There is nothing wrong with eating in bistros, chain restaurants and the like. But, every now and again, fine dining is nice. It is an experience that is even better if you can enjoy a nice view while eating. Something you can certainly do in the Niagara area. This review page gives you ten places you can do so, along with details of what you can expect and when to go.

Take a hike through the State Park

On the American side, much of the area surrounding the famous Falls was designated a State Park in 1885. This means that the countryside in this area is pristine, so you really should not pass up the chance to spend some time there. There are several nice hiking trails to enjoy, a discovery center and several other attractions to enjoy.

If you are not a big walker the White Water Walk is ideal. It is really easy and for most of the time, you will be walking alongside the wild river.

Other natural attractions

For nature lovers, the Butterfly Conservatory and Botanical Gardens are also perfect. Queen Victoria Park is also very nice.

Visit an unusual museum

The falls also offer some unusual attractions, like the Ripley’s Believe It or Not! Museum, the Niagara Daredevil Exhibit, and Bodies Revealed.


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