Ways to Make the Most of Your Tour around the World


Traveling is awesome — but before you go, ask yourself what you’re hoping for in your journey. Traveling for traveling’s sake will only get you so far. To really have a transformative experience, set your intentions and ask yourself the following questions.

All trips have their high and lows, particularly if you’re traveling in a group. Even this trip can be boring if you do not follow these simple guides:

Communicate Specific Interests with the Guide

Nobody is ever going to read your mind to let you know about your feelings or needs. When it comes to traveling in a group, please do not be a passive passenger because it will not help you in any way. If you have something like a food restriction, for example, you’ve got to be able to speak up without worrying about offending.

Do Your Research

As the group works towards the common objective while on tour, try not to go back home without carrying out this simple task. The more you get to study the area of interest the better prepared you will be and forget the guidebook for a few hours.

Ask, Ask, Ask Questions

You’re traveling to learn about the world around you. Don’t be shy! Asking questions will help you get the most out of your travel experiences abroad. Looking at a pretty sunset is nice, but wouldn’t it enhance your experience to know that the valley you’re watching it set in was once the home of a group of freedom fighters?

Make Use Of Your Free Time

Free time is essential for tours and everyone needs downtime to be able to be their best self. Make use of such moments to explore an area within the locality and is not on the itinerary. This is the time to discover the markets, a new street, a café, and nearby restaurants.

All the Same, You Cannot do Everything

Most travelers struggle with the feeling of trying to accomplish everything that is on offer. But this is impossible and will only lead you to feeling burned out and frustrated. Decide what’s super important to you before you travel, and either make sure your tour has it on the itinerary, or speak to your guide to see if you can include it.

Get to Know Your Surroundings

It’s easy to walk through a trip with blinders on. Especially if you’re on a group trip, where your itinerary is prescribed and there’s not a whole lot you have to figure out on your own. Try your best to stay present during the day. This may mean making sure you get the right amount of sleep — which means saying goodnight even when others want to stay awake. Know your body and what you need.

Define Your Holiday

Again, establish what you’re hoping for. Do you want to stay up all night and see as much as possible during the day? Some people travel to fit in as much as possible but return home completely depleted. There’s nothing wrong with this, per se, unless you’re traveling for longer than two weeks. At that point, it’s inevitable that you will crash.

I think getting the right amount of sleep is paramount to having a good experience and maintaining the mood of the overall group. Therefore, on the tours that I lead, I make sure that we have enough time for sleeping. So, on nights I know we are going to go out, I plan for a late start the next day.

Follow my lead! Build in 8 hours of rest into your night and you’ll be good to go for the duration of the day.

Extend Your Stay if Possible

Once you are accustomed to the destination, get your bearings right by building confidence by traveling around and finding new places to explore. Get more time, move beyond the itinerary, and make choices that will make this trip so memorable.

What are your best tips for group travel?


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