What to Do Before Traveling


When you decide to travel abroad, it can be easy to get wrapped up in the excitement of your upcoming vacation and forget to take practical measures to ensure that your home is clean and secure. Before you travel, there are several actions that you should take to keep your property safe and organized while you are away. This article will offer some top tips for ensuring that you can return to a comfortable living space after your holiday has ended.

1.    Invest in Security Cameras

To protect your home from crime while you are traveling, you should install DIY home security, such as surveillance cameras. You could also consider one of the Verisure Alarm Systems to further protect your home by alerting both your neighbors and emergency services if applicable if a crime is committed.

2.    Stop Your Mail Service

If your doorstep or mailbox is brimming with mail, this can be an instant indication to thieves that you are not at home. To prevent a burglary on your property, you should contact your mail company so that you can temporarily stop receiving post, or to forward your post to another safe address, such as a relative’s home. This will not only ensure that your home does not look empty but will protect the privacy of your mail from prying eyes.

3.    Change Your Timers

Many homes will contain timed smart devices, such as thermostats and smart lighting. Although this can help you to save money while you are at home, allowing your timers to turn on during your vacation can waste money and resources. Not only should you turn off wasteful timers, but you should consider using them to your advantage. You can do this by timing your lighting to switch on during the evening, which can prevent potential criminals from seeing your home as a target. This does not only apply to smart devices, though, and you should contact your water board to request a temporary stop to your supply.

4.    Clean Your Home

If you want to return to a comfortable home after your travels, you should clean your home before you leave. The most important action that you should take includes disposing of any perishable food or decorations which could release bad odors and bacteria into your home.

5.    Unplug Your Gadgets

To save the environment, you should check that you have unplugged all your electronic gadgets from their charging points, including computers, laptops, and mobile phones before you leave the house. This can also prevent gadgets from becoming fire hazards if they over-heat. Additionally, this could also stop you from paying excess electricity bills by ensuring that no gadgets are unnecessarily left on for an extended period.


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