Your How-to Guide to Planning Your Dream Wedding in Italy


You have your heart set on a destination wedding and are pretty certain that Italy is the perfect choice for an unforgettable big day. Here is a simple how-to guide for planning your dream wedding in one of the most romantic countries in the world.

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The best months for a wedding in Italy

Italy tends to experience cool, wet winters, so you will definitely want to set a date for your wedding to take place during the summer/autumn months. Most people will agree that you’re almost guaranteed perfect weather if you set the date for your Italian wedding for anytime between May – October.

Understanding local customs

One of the most important aspects of planning a wedding abroad is to ensure that you understand and respect the local customs. Seeing as though Italy is quite a religious country, with Catholicism being the most common faith among locals, the vast majority of Italian weddings are traditional in nature.

Generally, wedding ceremonies are held in the morning, with the reception extending through lunch. In short, compared to American weddings, Italian weddings are exceptionally low-key. In fact, it is quite rare to even have music played on the special day unless the happy couple plan to enjoy a party with their friends in the evening following the nuptials.

Fear not. If this toned-down approach to saying ‘I do’ isn’t quite what you had in mind, there is nothing stopping you from doing it your way. Just be sure to be very specific when it comes to communicating with wedding planners, venues, suppliers etc. as they will likely be expecting something more in line with what they are used to, which could result in you getting your lines crossed.

Choosing the location

There isn’t really a bad choice when it comes to choosing a wedding location in Italy. All of Italy’s cities and towns are gorgeous. However, having said that, the most popular city is undoubtedly Tuscany, with the Amalfi Coast coming in a close second. Venice, Portofino, and Sicily are also extremely popular. If at all possible, take a trip to Italy before the big day and get a feel for the location that speaks to you the most before making a final decision.

Planning in advance

Italians are renowned for their laid-back nature, so if you want to ensure that everything runs smoothly leading up to the wedding, you will want to start planning every little detail as far in advance as you possibly can – even if that’s before your partner has even begun searching for affordable engagement rings! Take great pleasure in browsing the variety of durable and cheap table runners for sale at CV Linens, be sure to expand your imagination to create the most magical and charming table set up for your special wedding!

Early planning is wise as you may also come into contact with ‘red tape’ that may put a damper on your ideas. For instance, it can sometimes be challenging to find a wedding venue that isn’t a church. In many cases, you will find the perfect place, like a breath-taking castle, only to discover that it has not been authorized by the city. Luckily, you should have plenty of time to tackle any obstacles like this as you go. Copy Trading gained popularity among the traders that lack experience or just simply don’t have enough time to commit to trading. It is very important that even when you decide to copy trades of another investor, you should always carry your own market analysis before you invest and commit real capital to it.

Wishing you luck as you plan your spectacular Italian destination wedding. May it be everything that you envisioned and more. In bocca al lupo!


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