Best Hashtags for Solo Female Travelers on Instagram


Growing your presence on Instagram takes time, dedication and hard work, but it isn’t impossible, visiting the best places and getting the right Instagram pictures can help to grow quickly, for this you can fallow the advises from this website, blog.

Your main goal on Instagram should always be reaching your community. So how do you find your community, interact with them and get your content in front of them?


We’ve spent the better part of a year growing our (@gogirlguides) community, and just surpassed 10k followers. Yay! It’s been a slow process for us, and we’ve learned a lot along the way.

If your goal is to reach and connect specifically with solo female travelers on Instagram, than this post is for you.

We hope this guide will make your Instagram growth journey faster than ours was!

First, let’s start with the best travel hashtags on Instagram we use most frequently to connect with solo female travelers.

Best Hashtags for Solo Female Travelers on Instagram:

Here are the hashtags we commonly use on our posts to reach solo female travelers in our network. I’ve copied them here so that you can easily copy and paste them into your own Instagram posts.

#gogirlguides #wearetravelgirls #travelgirl#womenwhotravel
#sheisnotlost #girlboss#instatravel
#travelette #damestravel#dametraveler #travelbug #traveladdict#travellife
#traveldeeper #femmetravel#outdoorwomen #girlsabroad
#girlsborntotravel #girlswhotravel#thetravelwomen
#womenwhoexplore#passionpassport #ladiesgoneglobal
#girlaroundtheworld #beautifulexplorers#girlswhotravel #girlslovetravel

Now, let’s break it down now into accounts and networks that will feature YOU.

Best Accounts that Feature Solo Female Travelers on Instagram

1) #GoGirlGuides (@gogirlguides)

solo female travelers on Instagram

@GoGirlGuides features the inspiring travel stories of women around the world, 6 days a week. Our photos should be more of the person than the place, and we’re hoping to feature the real-life trials and tribulations of solo travelers, with the hope that they inspire women to continue to travel.

For features, use the hashtag #gogirlguides.

2) #GirlsLoveTravel (@girlslovetravel)

best hashtags for solo female travelers on Instagram

Girls Love Travel is a community created by Haley Woods. On Facebook, they have over 500k women! On Instagram, they often have take-overs of their account run by members of their community.

The stories featured are typically “behind the shot” stories that give more info to the time, place and history of what led up to that moment.

This is a great way to better tell the story of a place. Use hashtag #gltlove or #girlslovetravel to try to grab their attention for a feature.

3) #PassionPassport (@passionpassport)

solo female travelers on instagram to follow

PassionPassport features beautiful travel photos from both men and women.

If you’re looking specifically for solo female travelers, this account won’t get you all the way there — but they are HUGE (almost 1 million followers) and have one of the most popular travel hashtags out there.

You can be in the running for a feature by tagging your gorgeous shots with #passionpassport.

4) #SheisNotLost (@sheisnotlost)

best hashtags to reach women who travel

One of the top travel hashtags, She Is Not Lost is a great travel community for solo female travelers. They feature photos submitted by their fans using hashtag #sheisnotlost and don’t require you to give them any other info (like a story behind the shot, or an inspirational tidbit).

They have a large community of 250k+ and growing, so being featured by them is a great way to reach new followers. All you have to do is use their hashtag. Note that they typically only feature really stunning images of women in dresses and serene landscapes.

5) #BlackGirlsTravelToo (@blackgirlstraveltoo)

best hashtags to reach black women who travel

Instagram can sometimes seem just so… white. There’s a huge lack of diversity in mainstream travel, but on Instagram, there are some accounts led by minority women that are absolutely crushing it.

I love @blackgirlstraveltoo –an account and community of black women who travel. Being featured by them is simple, just tag @blackgirlstraveltoo. Their community is strong and growing at over 100k and their photos are always just so stunning. If you’re aiming to connect with black women who travel, also check out @blackgirltravelmovement and tag them in your photos for features.

6) #DameTraveler (@dametraveler)

accounts that feature solo travelers

DameTraveler is an account run by @nastasiaspassport. They feature curated (stunning) photos of solo female travelers, but their photos are often more of the place than the person. Get in front of them by tagging your photos #dametraveler.

7) #WeAreTravelGirls (@WeAreTravelGirls)

best hashtags to reach women who travel

@WeAreTravelGirls is a large community (300k+) of women who travel. They feature gorgeous travel photos with an accompanying travel tip and you can reach them via submission on their website: 

8) #TravelGirlsGo (@travelgirlsgo)

traveling women on instagram

Another account to follow, TravelGirlsGo feature re-grams of women in their community. Use the hashtag #travelgirlsgo to be in the running for a feature.

9) #FemmeTravel (@femmetravel )

FemmeTravel is a large community of women who travel. They feature cool photos from interesting angles of women who are traveling, and don’t need a story or travel tip to go along with it. For features, follow them and use the hashtags #femmetravel and #iammissadventure.

10) #thetravelwomen (@thetravelwomen)

best hashtags for instagram solo travelers

TheTravelWomen feature photos with travel tips from within their community. I like this account because they feature a variety of shots. For feature opportunities, tag #thetravelwomen.

Here are some other great hashtags I will use in my photos:








Click on any of these hashtags, and you’ll see a stream of photos from women who travel the world. I recommend saving some of these hashtags, and then go in and follow and like the images under these hashtags that really catch your eye.

There you have it, friends! The best hashtags for solo female travelers on Instagram.

There is obviously more to Instagram growth than just using hashtags, but this is a great place to start.

What hashtags for solo female travelers on instagram do you recommend? Tell us in the comments below.


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