Volunteer in Thailand for Free: 12 Free Volunteer Options


Want to volunteer in Thailand but don’t want to pay a bunch of crazy fees to a 3rd party company? We totally understand.

Though there are hundreds of great charities doing great work in Thailand, it’s hard to tell online which are legit and which are scams — or worse.

If you’re willing to trade your time for helping others, and are flexible in your schedule, volunteering in Thailand might be the best option for your next holiday.

These 12 opportunities are all free to participate in, except for 2 options, which are low-cost. We have worked with these volunteer companies personally while writing our guidebook to Thailand, so we know they’re legit. Reach out to them independently to organize.

Volunteer Thailand: 12 Free Volunteer Opportunities in Thailand

volunteering in Thailand with elephants

Elephant Nature Park        

Cost: Varies
Location: Chiang Mai
Elephant Nature Park in Chiang Mai is one of the largest and most popular non-profits for volunteers in Thailand. The elephant sanctuary is the only of its kind in Thailand and advocates for the ethical and humane treatment of elephants. You will not be riding elephants here, but you’ll probably be feeding them and bathing them. Volunteer options vary from day-long to several days. Check out their website for information about visiting and volunteering.

Ban Nai Soi Learning Center

Cost: Free, plus free room + board + food
Location: Northern Thailand
Provides high-school education to refugee and migrant children from Burma. They are looking for volunteers who have experience with ESL and/or teaching English. They ask for a one-month commitment from volunteers.

Thai Society for Conservation of Wild Animals Thailand

Cost: Free
Location: Northern Thailand

A non-governmental organization that protects natural habitats and wildlife. They are looking for volunteers with a background in veterinary medicine or knowledge of wildlife. Projects include black-bear rehabilitation, wild animal quarantine, and stray dog support. They are also aiming to reach zoologists and biologists.

The Development and Education Program for Daughters and Community Centers

Cost: Free
Location: Northern Thailand

A non-profit that works to prevent sex trafficking and child labor in Northern Thailand. The DEPDC is looking for volunteers who want to gain experience in anti-trafficking work. There is no cost to volunteer, and they accept volunteers typically a year out. What you end up doing in working for them depends on your strengths and what you’re hoping to learn. Check out their volunteer page for more on how to apply.

Noistar Thai Animal Rescue Foundation

Cost: Free
Location: Koh Tao

Noistar Thai Animal Rescue Foundation helps animals on the island of Koh Tao in need. They are looking for veterinarians or graduates of vet school to help them care for their animals. You will need at least 2 years experience to qualify for. Read this page for more info on volunteering.

Soi Dog Foundation

Cost: Free
Location: Phuket

Soi Dog Foundation is a non-profit that aims to end suffering of Thailand’s street animals through adoption programs, vaccination and sterilizations. They are looking for volunteers who can help them at their shelter in Phuket for a month or longer, and also volunteers who can help fly animals to their new adopted homes.

If you’re interested in being a flight volunteer, email flightvolunteer@soidog.org. If you’d like to volunteer at the shelter, email volunteering@soidog.org

Child’s Dream Foundation

Cost: Free
Location: Chiang Mai

Child’s Dream Foundation works to help children in need in the Mekong sub-region. They are looking for volunteers who can help in their office and commit to a minimum of six months or longer.

Phuket has Been Good To Us Foundation

Cost: Free
Location: Phuket, Thailand

Established after the tsunami in 2004, Phuket Has Been Good To Us works to help improve economic opportunities of young people living in Phuket. They run free English programs as well as an afterschool program called the Coconut Club. Their openings vary, check this page for more info.

Care for Dogs

Cost: Free
Location: Chiang Mai

A non-profit in Chiang Mai that rescues and cares for sick dogs, organizes spaying and medical care and runs an adoption sanctuary. They rely on volunteers to help them with all aspects of caring for the dogs, including walking, bathing and de-ticking. They ask for a minimum 3-day commitment.

Foundation to Encourage Potential of Disabled Persons

Cost: Free
Location: Chiang Mai

This organization builds custom wheelchairs, produces self-help books on disabilities in Thai, and operates a care facility for children with Cerebral Palsy. Located in northern Thailand, they don’t often advertise that they accept volunteers, but reach out if you have applicable skills.

Warm Heart Worldwide

Cost: Free
Location: Northern Thailand

A grassroots non-profit that empowers rural Thai villagers to have equal access in education and economic development. They run several projects including farming and agriculture, English lessons, and public health initiatives. They’re looking for volunteers who can donate at least three months of their time to 40-hour workweeks. Find out more here.

Good Earth Agriculture             

Cost: $50/ week including 3 meals + accommodation
Location: North-East Thailand

Good Earth Agriculture (Sustainable Vision) practices sustainable agriculture in North-East Thailand. If you are interested in aquaponics, hydroponics and aqua culture, as well as getting to know a part of Thailand most travelers don’t see, reach out to them via their site.

It’s totally possible to volunteer in Thailand for free.

If you’ve got the right skill set and can bring something to the table, reach out to these great non-profits in Thailand.

Have you volunteered in Thailand?


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  1. Hello! Great website!

    I am really interested in volunteering with GOOD EARTH AGRICULTURE but their website is not valid. Do you by any chance know how i could possible get in contact with them?


  2. Hi I’m a lecturer assessor and a qualified teacher, I would like to volunteer helping Thai English teachers maybe one or half day a week at different schools in the area for free, just to help the children, I have no criminal record and would pass any back ground check, would this be possible on a O Visa based on retirement? Thank you

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