What to Look Out For When Moving to California

For thousands of families across the USA – and many millions more across the world – the state of California has unrivaled luxuries and excitements. It’s one of the most desirable places on earth to live – and for good reason, given its perfect weather, healthy crops, entertainment and stability.

But that’s not to say that a move to California comes without its complications. In order to make your move to the West Coast really stick, here are some tips for what to look out for in properties in California.

Proximity to Sea

While California happens to be a fairly slender state that hugs the West Coast of the country, it’s also got plenty of inland areas that can be very hot, mostly rural, and difficult for you to live in. It’s in these inland places that you may find your Californian dream falling apart somewhat – not living up to the reality that you find in the dust and the sun. As such, finding a place by the coast is imperative – somewhere that you’ll enjoy all the benefits of the sea, the breeze, the seafood, and the people.

Good Homes

There are good homes and there are bad homes, and there’s plenty of both in California. Without paying close attention to what kind of abode you’re shopping for, you may well find yourself trapped into a deal for a home that’s poorly built and in need of many repairs – not the ideal way to resettle in one of the nicest places on earth to live.

Finding prime real estate in La Jolla and other seaside areas is your way of avoiding poorly-constructed homes – and getting yourself moved into a home that’ll require little work over the years ahead.

Think Community

There are several cities, cultural hubs, and tourist attractions in California. No doubt you’re aware of this if you’re excited to make a move to the state. With the capital of the film industry in one pole of the state, and San Francisco also a huge draw for the workers of Silicon Valley, you have a variety of jobs – and therefore people – arranged throughout the state.

If you’re keen to see your family grow up in a thriving community of creative and innovative people, then you ought to find communities in the state that will suit what you’re looking for – whether that’s in thespians or in techies.


Some people move to California to buy a little land and live off the good that they farm; others want to move right into the heart of a metropolis to live, laugh, and learn amongst other young people. The key element to remember in all of these plans is that infrastructure varies across the state – and you need to find somewhere that perfectly suits your needs before buying a home. That ranges from road conditions and public transport all the way to internet connection and the provision of working air conditioning for the warm summer months. Choose carefully to enjoy the infrastructure you need around you.

There you have it: some key factors to bear in mind when choosing to make a move to the wonderful state of California.