8 Types of Awesome Women You’ll Meet at Women’s Travel Fest


Travel babes of the world,

Each year before Women’s Travel Fest, I get a ton of emails from you asking what types of people attend the Women’s Travel Fest. So I thought I’d take a second to break it down — and show you exactly why you belong here with us.

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The Solo Female Traveler

First and foremost, the Women’s Travel Fest is host to a room full of badass solo female travelers. If you’re like us, you’ve done a bit of solo traveling, and have discovered your own wonderful power as a result. Traveling solo is a great way to get to know what you’re capable of, and puts you front and center when it comes to deciding how to spend your time. Most of our attendees have traveled solo in the past, and are looking forward to traveling solo in the future.

The Experienced Traveler

Our speakers are women who have journeyed to the far corners of the Earth: Bhutan, Antarctica, Greenland, etc. And each year, we come together to share our triumphs and tribulations, so that we can better inspire and empower other women to do the same. In our audience, you’ll find women who have traveled the globe many times, and their stories get you thinking of place you might not have previously considered.

kelly lewis of the women's travel fest

The Newbie

Not everyone who attends has a healthy travel bucketlist that’s thoroughly checked off. And that’s exactly why this event was created! It’s my greatest hope that Women’s Travel Fest will encourage women to get out there — especially those who have never given themselves permission to see the world. We frequently find that newbie travelers get the most out of this epic weekend, just by finding the confidence to book a flight, and know that it’s going to be ok!

Family Travelers

My greatest joy and greatest surprise in creating Women’s Travel Fest, was seeing families coming together. Grandmothers bringing their granddaughters, who are just starting out in seeing the world. Mothers bringing their daughters to introduce them to a larger community of female travelers. It’s my favorite!

kellee edwards at women's travel fest

Those Wanting to Work in the Travel Industry

If you’re interested in working in the travel industry and are just starting out and looking for information on how to do that, you will meet women from different walks of life who will share their stories of how they’ve made it happen. The Women’s Travel Fest has launched several careers, simply by opening your eyes to possibilities that exist in the travel space that perhaps you aren’t as in tune to.

Travel Industry Pros

What’s the best way to open your eyes to new opportunities? By inviting seasoned travel industry professionals to take the stage, of course! This year we have a killer lineup of women who have made their dreams a reality. Women like Jessica Nabongo, a woman on a mission to be the first black woman to travel to every country in the world, and like Mickela Mallozzi, who started her journey in the industry with a dream and a camera, and has since become a 4-time Emmy winning host and producer of Bare Feet with Mickela Mallozzi, a show in which she travels the world and experiences different cultures through their local form of dance. We also have Oneika Raymond talking about how working as an expat teacher in Hong Kong ended up leading to being an on-camera host for the Travel Channel. Seriously. Our speakers are the real-freaking-deal. It’s an honor sharing the stage with them!

Travel Writers & Bloggers

Though we don’t structure our content specific to bloggers (i.e. how to set up your email marketing sales funnel), we do tend to have several travel writers and bloggers in our audience. On Sunday, our content is divided between consumer and industry content. You’ll learn everything from how to pitch your business to win money in pitch competitions, to how to take control of your personal finances, and how to start leading tours in your own backyard.

Women in Transitional Life Phases

We find that many women find Women’s Travel Fest when they’re in a transitional phase of life. Maybe they’ve just graduated, or chicago divorce lawyer just gotten divorced, or they’ve just retired. Whatever the reason, they’re women who suddenly have more time/ energy/ money to travel the world and are looking for advice at how to do just that.

Our mission here at Go! Girl Guides (and at Women’s Travel Fest) is to inspire, empower, and connect women in travel. I hope you can join us in NYC over International Women’s Day — March 8-10!

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