Is It Hard To Get A Job As A Travel Nurse?


Travel nursing is a relatively new trend in the healthcare field that has become popular because of the opportunity to travel and get paid at the same time.

This is not a job for everyone, but there is no denying it can be an incredible adventure. It’s also a way to get experience in different locations, as well as acquire experience in different nursing specialties.

Most hospitals employ nurses for 12-24 months at one location, making this unique career path perfect for those who want to try something different than working in one ward until retirement.

How It’s Different From Traditional Nursing?

Although travel nurses work in the same hospitals and wards as their permanent counterparts, they are not employed by the hospital. Instead, travel nurses work for a company that usually contracts with the hospital to provide qualified nurses.

Travel nursing jobs are great if you want to do something different or if you’re looking to get some experience in a specific location before deciding if you want to take an actual job at that hospital.

Skills Required For Travel Nurses

As a travel nurse, your skills and experience will be put to the test. Most travel nursing jobs require the same basic qualifications as permanent nurses. However, you will need extra skills and experience if you want to be successful in this career path.

For instance, most travel agencies will not allow you to take a job unless you have worked as an RN for at least one year, have your RN license in hand, and possess at least two years of recent experience in your chosen specialty.

At times, companies may require even more qualifications depending on the state or country where they offer jobs.

You can expand your skills and knowledge by doing extra courses, such as online DNP leadership programs or online qualifications. These may be easier to do while you are traveling.

You should know that health care facilities around the world from different countries or regions may use different medical terminology and treatment methods than what is used in your own country or area.

While the process of becoming a travel nurse can seem challenging, it is important to take into account all aspects of the role before committing to it, as there are significant requirements that come with becoming a travel nurse. You can check this ultimate guide on how to become a travel nurse with no experience which offers deeper insight into the process and provides useful advice for new and aspiring traveler nurses. It contains tips on getting started, obtaining the skills needed for the job, finding the right travel nursing agency for you, and other important information you need to get started on your exciting new adventure.

Advantages and Disadvantages of Travel Nursing

If you love exploring and want to observe the differences between hospitals in different locations, this is a good job for you.

It will give you experience, as well as assist you in developing great references.

Advantage: Good Pay

Travel nurses are usually paid more than permanent nurses, so it can be a good choice if the salary is something you’re considering.

Having the option to increase your salary through travel nursing is something that many nurses choose, given the flexibility of the industry and the ability to work in different areas of nursing.

Advantage: Unique Experience

Experiencing a new location every few months can give you an opportunity to get to know a city.

You will be able to see more of what everyday life is like for people in that area, which will give you a good idea if this is something you’d like in your future career in health care.

Advantage: No Long-Term Commitment

Travelers’ schedules do not span as long as permanent staff’s, averaging somewhere between 24-48 weeks.

However, depending on the employer and contract, some travel nurses are able to extend their assignments for a full year.

Disadvantage: Time Off Might Be Rare

The downside to a longer contract is that you don’t have as much time off in between assignments.

Booking time off as a travel nurse is often difficult. You might have to take a vacation during a time you could be working, which can cause problems later in the year if you’re short on vacation time.

Disadvantage: Your Job Isn’t Secure

There is no guarantee that the hospital will be able to hold the position for you when it comes time for you to return.

This is actually a little less common than it used to be because of the nature of this industry.

Most employers have a good relationship with hospitals and will try to find a way to have you stay at your current location.

Disadvantage: No Other Benefits

Unlike permanent nursing staff, there are no benefits for travel nurses.

This means that if you aren’t in a position where you can afford annual benefits, then this isn’t an option for you.

How Do You Get Travel Nursing Jobs?

The first step involves signing up with a reputable agency. Many travel agencies have connections with hospitals, which means they can get you placed quickly and easily in desirable positions.

The next step involves finding an appropriate location to travel to. This may take some research and networking, but the agency should be able to help with this process.

After you’ve chosen your position, enroll in as many online training programs as necessary to prepare yourself for your position.

You’ll want a specialty that will allow you flexibility when it comes time for traveling, such as cardiology or internal medicine.

Travel nursing is a great way to experience a new location while still making good money. The only downside is the time you might have to spend away from your family, which can be challenging.

However, if this is not an issue for you, then there’s no reason why you shouldn’t consider travel nursing as a potential career path.


Travel nursing is a fantastic option for healthcare professionals who want to travel both around the United States and around the world.

With numerous benefits and an incredible need for qualified nurses, there’s no doubt you can find a travel nursing job in a location of your choice.

If you’re ready for an exciting career in a new location, this is something you should certainly consider.

Travel nursing can be an exciting and fruitful career that can take you to numerous locations within the United States or around the world.

Once you’ve been placed in a position and enjoy it, there will be no shortage of more traveling opportunities.


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