6 Practical Tips for First-Time Female Solo Travelers



Going on a solo trip for the first time can bring on a bad case of anxiety. It doesn’t have to, though. Here are handy tips to help you plan your first trip alone:

Do your homework. Make a list of popular tourist spots in the area then pick out the ones you like. Once that’s done, check the locations for each one to find out how to travel from one spot to another. This will often involve time-consuming work but it’s going to help you a lot and make your DIY travel so much easier—and cost-effective—once you get there.

Not everything you need is going to be online. By investing in good Travel Guide Books for Women, you can save a lot of time on your research. Right away, you’ll get an idea of popular tourist places and know if these spots are close enough to each other or not. Some even include sample itineraries that would make planning your own much, much easier. For guidebooks for female travelers, check out our store.

Never bring too many clothes. That’s a common mistake many women travelers make. Instead, pick out staples and basics in your wardrobe. Go for pieces that you can mix and match. That way, you can leave plenty of space in your luggage for shopping loot and souvenirs. You could also pack light and just shop when you get to your destination.

It’s always wise to follow local rules and customs. If the instructions say you need to cover your knees or exposed shoulders, do it. Remember that you’re in a different country and following their rules is a sign of respect. The last thing you want is to get in trouble with local authorities when you’re traveling solo on the road.

It’s not enough to just buy a Solo Women’s Travel Guide you find online. Make sure you read it, chapter and verse, before your trip. If you’re taking it along to the airport and reading it only a few hours before your plane lands, then that’s not the best way to maximize the use of your guidebook. Make sure you read it through before you plan your itinerary. It’s going to make it easier on you to come up with a day-to-day schedule for your trip.

When they say travel light, that doesn’t just mean tossing out anything you don’t need from your luggage. It also means leaving your biases behind. You’re going to encounter food and cultures different from yours. It’s important to remember the value of respect and of keeping an open mind. Don’t try to insist your way is better. You get more enjoyment out of traveling when you embrace openness and acceptance.

Travel is a way to explore the world. And going on one trip can change your life. It’s exactly as Pulitzer-Prize winning poet Jorie Graham once said: love:/begin with the world: let it be small enough.” Start with one city, one country at a time.