Solo To Antarctica – All You Need To Know


If you’re an adventurous person who’s been counting down continents, there may be just one that you’ve yet to add to your to-do list: Antarctica.

Traveling to Antarctica is an incredible experience. And cruises to Antarctica are very popular today among curious voyagers. But before you go booking your ticket, here are some tips for visiting Antarctica to keep in mind.

Do your research

This is not an ordinary trip, so you want to make sure you’re in good hands. Researching travel excursions beforehand is a must, as you’ll want to feel secure. Antarctica cruises are wonderful expeditions; however, to make the most of your trip, Polar specialists at Chimu adventures explain how vital it is to have an experienced excursion leader to ensure your safety. It’s imperative to visit these polar regions with specialists that have environmental and safety credentials, and who have inspected each individual vessel with thorough research.

Don’t be afraid to fly solo 

If you’re feeling skeptical about being on your own, don’t fret! There are always a few solo travelers on any Antarctic voyage. And being in such close quarters to so many people means you’ll make friends quickly!

Your travel agents and excursion leaders will provide you with all you need so you won’t feel alone or secluded. 

During sea days, everyone is milling about the ship. Spend some time in the galley, or by the bar, and you’re sure to make a ton of friends!

Prepare for seasickness

As this adventure is unfamiliar to you, you don’t know how well you’re going to handle the journey. Pack seasickness remedies in case the long voyage gets to you. Actually, pack seasickness pills regardless. You’re going to want them. Crossing the Drake Passage is no joke, and if you wait until you feel sick, you’ve waited too long. Pack Dramamine, or something that will help you zonk out during the Drake.

During your crossing, you’ll likely just be laying around and sleeping a lot to get through it. All staff on board will happily offer anything they can to help you feel as comfortable as possible. But a lot of what you’ll need, you need to bring beforehand.

antarctica travel

Expect a packing list

You’ll be provided a list of the packing necessities tailored to your tour, and if you’ve had plenty of experience with snowboarding or skiing this won’t be a surprise. This list will require a certain attire to cope with the temperature, such as gloves to protect you from the cold; get mittens with touch screen capability that won’t affect you taking glorious pictures, though! 

Feel free to bring your own bottles, these types of expeditions don’t require a corkage fee, and it will definitely help the group bond, as well as keeps you nice and snug!

Other items that will make the process smoother are: sunglasses and sunscreen; most Antarctica cruises aren’t taken in winter, so be prepared for glaring sun. Cozy slip-on boots are preferred by tourists for comfort on the boat; however, they will supply you with suitable rubber ones for your location visits on land. Don’t forget lotion or lip balm, as the cold temperatures can really dry you out!

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Antarctica is like nowhere else in the world. Be prepared to see unparalleled wonders of the world on your voyage to Antarctica, such as fur seals, hourglass dolphins, pilot whales, and even more!

So remember, even if you’re new to solo traveling, you won’t feel alone on this trip; in fact, you may make bonds with your fellow explorers for life!


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