6 Ways to Prepare for Solo Trip to South-East Asia


Temples and shrines shrouded in clouds and mystery, mouthwatering food, friendly faces—there’s something about bopping from one city—one country—to another that just can’t be beaten. If you have a traveler’s soul, then you know how thrilling travel could be.
If you’re planning your next trip—this one to South East Asia—here are must-know tips for you:
Solo or group?
First off, decide whether you’re going on a trip with a group or solo. Both options offer different sets of pros and cons. If you prefer flexibility and speed, then it might be best if you travel solo since it can be difficult to move at a faster pace if you’re traveling with a big group.
Collect travel guides
Start planning your itinerary and make up a list of all the places you want to see, says the Traveller. Map out your route first. Get travel guide books for women and familiarize yourself with the local sights and dishes you’d want to see and try.
Pack right
Don’t just pack light, pack right. This might sound like a given but a lot of travelers, even those who aren’t first-timers, make the mistake of packing the wrong clothes. You’ll want to check the weather for your trip dates to make sure you’re bringing along the right clothes, whether that means flip-flops, shorts, and shirts or a down jackets and coats.
Know the local customs
Some temples have dress codes for men and women. If you don’t want to encounter any problems, then it’s best that you consult travel guide books for women to get a clear idea of what kind of attire is suitable for which or what temple. That’s going to mean less problems on the road for you.
Stay off the tourist path
Plenty of countries in South East Asia—from Indonesia to Thailand—have a lot of great sights to explore. Consult travel guides for women and go off the grid to discover them. That doesn’t mean going off for parts unknown but it does mean being willing to leave behind popular tourist spots to see what other secrets and wonderful places the city might offer.
Be flexible
Having an itinerary is a good way to stay on track while you’re on the road. But be ready to be flexible. Plenty of things could happen beyond your control. Being adaptable and flexible can make all the difference in the world between a fun and memorable trip and a nightmarish one.
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