Is India Ideal For Solo Women’s Travel?


Everyone should be free to visit anywhere they want on earth. But, unfortunately, some cultures are known to be less receptive to female visitors than others. You realize that different people in the world have different perspectives, and you need to understand that before you pack your bag to visit that place.

India can be a very safe and comfortable place for women to travel, alone or with a group of friends.

However, there are still lots of challenges you may have to navigate in India, and this post, I will take you through tips of having a successful tour in India as a solo woman traveler.

Get an Indian eVisa

When you decide to visit India, make sure to have all travel documents ready to avoid any inconveniences at the airport. India is such a receptive country and they are accommodating, however, it would help if you always had your visa ready so that your experience in immigration will go quicker.

Fortunately, you can apply your e-visa on the internet. Just visit Make the process simple by having your personal details and passport with you.

Dress Conservatively

In India, almost all women wear sarees. Of course, I know you may not want to dress the Indian or Hindu traditional dress, but; it’s important to dress conservatively here to keep from attracting too much attention.

For instance, do not wear a tank top and a pair of shorts. You need to dress lightly for the weather but also make sure to cover your skin due to the tropical sunlight.

Linens work well in India, as they cover your skin but also keep airflow moving.

A balance between quality and price

As a woman, your safety is more important than anything else. You realize you can get anything in India at a low price, but at the same time, the best quality products will always cost a couple of rupees.

You must, therefore, decide on the quality and pricing so that you can always get what you deserve. For example, you shouldn’t just go booking the cheapest rooms in New Delhi whereas there are good quality hotels in the same place. Do your research for every recommended accommodation place that you find.

Don’t travel alone in the dark

It’s always important not to venture out in the dark alone. Whether your booking trains or buses, make sure that you do that in the daylight. The congested cities may be prone to insecurity. But it is always good to take the precaution. If it is unavoidable to walk alone in the dark, then you can always ask someone from your hotel to meet you along the way.

Eve teasing

When you are in India, you may hear about eve teasing, which is just terminology that depicts harassment of women. Appointees rare it because is usually perpetrated by repressed men who want to take advantage of crowded places. Most female students who have gone to study in India normally wear backpacks to minimize the brushing or infringement of space. Also, never hesitate to hit with your elbow to anyone who tries to take advantage of you.

No stranger should join your cab ride.

If you happen to take a cab alone or even rickshaw, then you must get to your destination without the driver having to ping people along the way. And if the driver insists on carrying a friend, you should not allow them to do that. Get out. You want to be able to have enough freedom and privacy, and it should be guaranteed all along the way.

Keep someone close to you informed

Before you decide to go to India alone, make sure to inform a friend or a family member about your itinerary. Then, when you get to your destination, purchase a local SIM card so that you don’t use much money to get in touch with people at home. Have a WhatsApp message or even a post on social media or even a call to ensure that your loved ones know where you are and that you’re safe.

Dial 100 the Indian SOS number

Like any other place in the world, India has its challenges. Insecurity, fires, and robbery and cybercrime cases might be rampant. Still, the good thing is that you can always inform the police when you are in any case of emergency. In India, the number to call for emergencies is 100.

In every stop in major cities and tourist destinations you will always find police departments dedicated for your concerns. However, it may be irritating that the response time on the other end of the call may be a little sluggish.

Have you been to India?


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