Cosplay and Anime Fun in Niigata, Japan


Have you ever wanted to dress up like an anime character and take pictures in an epic studio that’s outfitted with a ton of fun themes? Go to Niigata City! 

2014-11-14 17.53.22

This could be you! 

It’s no secret that the Japanese love anime. Take a walk down famous Harajuku street in Tokyo and you’ll see no shortage of game cafes that offer teenage girls the chance to take funny photos in photo booths, all anime-themed.

2014-11-14 18.22.52

Photo booths like this are everywhere. This one will give you automatic lipstick!

But Tokyo isn’t the only place to have a little cosplay fun. (Cosplay stands for costume play, btw).

In Niigata, Japan, at the Bandai City Billboard Palace shopping complex, you’ll find Gataket Cosplay Park, a super-fun studio in which you can rent outfits and wigs for photo shoots. Gataket Cosplay Park has several cool themed studios, including a “rock” room with real guitars, a “school classroom” with several desks, a kitchen, a space room, and much more. In fact, it bills itself as Japan’s first large-scale cosplay photography specialty studio. And it’s easy to see why!

2014-11-14 17.45.06

Don’t I look good on stage with blue hair? 

Bring your own camera, and a friend, and it’s hours of fun! Unlike professional studios which can be VERY expensive, Gataket offers hours of fun for only 1500 yen ($18 USD). If that’s not an awesome deal, I don’t know what is!

2014-11-14 17.37.21

I feel so cool 

Cosplay is incredibly fun, and I recommend going at once! And, after your cosplay fun, head over to the recently opened Manga Animation Museum to get more history about local Manga and the history behind Japanese anime.

2014-11-14 17.35.31

Pay no attention to the wig tag in this photo. That’s my real hair. 

You can also go to a fun Japanese game cafe (in the same building) and take some really fun and funny photos in the aforementioned photo booths. Look at my eyes! I’ve never felt more beautiful– I will treasure these photos (they’re custom stickers, too!) until the end of my days!

2014-11-15 05.56.09

Gataket Cosplay is open from 11 am to 9 pm. on weekdays, and 11 am to 10:30 pm on weekends. If you’re in Niigata City, it is not to be missed!

Have fun!

Have you ever tried Cosplay? Would you?


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