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Finding a good hostel can be a daunting task, especially if you are a young female traveling the world alone.  Websites like,, and can be extremely helpful, but sifting through review after review often leaves you more confused than ever, especially if you don’t know what you’re looking for.

Here’s the best advice we can provide to help you determine what is most important in your stay.  Do you want to be in a specific, central location?  Is top-notch security your only priority?  Do you want to meet people and have a great time, or find a space to get away quietly on your own?  After you’ve narrowed down your requirements check out a few of the suggestions below.  I’ve listed a few of my favorite hostels with a quick explanation of why I loved my stay. I can vouch – you can’t miss them!

Wombats City Hostel– Vienna, Austria

I stayed at Wombats in 2007 when I completed my first backpacking trip around Europe.  It was a traditional youth hostel, but the sheets and bathrooms were clean and the staff was amazing.  My friends and I had a blast at the bar and were able to meet people pretty easily.  The hostel had all of the amenities you may need and the price is right!  It is the perfect place for young ladies traveling around Austria.

Astor Hyde Park– London, England

I travel to London often, and it is expensive!  Finding a reasonably priced play to stay is a nightmare, especially if you want to stay somewhere in Zone 1.    Astor Hyde Park offers up a kitchen and fun communal space and the staff are extremely helpful and friendly.  Even though the staff is made up of expats, they are very knowledgeable about London and will bend over backwards to help you find dinner or pick a great pub crawl.  The beds and bathrooms are clean and the staff makes sure that shared spaces stay neat.  Once you get over the sticker shock at what $30 per night gets you, this place is great!

 The Bunkhouse– Cardiff, Wales

You can’t find a hostel with a better location in Cardiff.  This quirky hostel was located right in the main square and extremely close to the train station.  Beds were comfortable and clean and the atmosphere was great.  Did I mention how great the location was?

 Underwater Vision– Utila, Isla de la Bahia, Honduras

If you have read my previous posts, you may have noticed my love for this island. Utila is one of my favorite places on earth, and Underwater Vision is a great place to stay.  They have a great dock, a volleyball court, a fun bar, and a/c.  They even have a nearby marketplace where you can buy fair trade Latin American artisan gifts! The staff is great and they have amazing dive instructors on standby to help you start your PADI SCUBA course or take you out on a fun dive.  Underwater seems to be the hangout spot for many people on the island so it is a great place to meet other people traveling around Latin America.  Dorm rooms are extremely small, so I recommend the privates with a bathroom.  If you dive you even get a discount on your room, which is an every better reason to dive at one of the world class dive sites!

Arenal Backpackers Resort- Arenal, Costa Rica

Costa Rica is expensive and there is SO MUCH to see.  Showing up to Arenal was a welcome relief because they have great discounted tours of the surrounding areas.  Even though I stayed in a room with 8 bunk beds, it was reasonably quiet and very clean.  They staff had lockers to keep my important items safe and everyone was really friendly.  The best part, though, was the staff’s ability to help book tours for zip lining, volcano hiking, and swimming in the hot springs.  They offered activities for people of all ages and with many different interests.  They made the trip even more enjoyable.

Below are some hostels that have all received multiple glowing reviews from many different sources and have something great to offer.  Check out the websites for yourself!

North America- Montreal Central– Montreal, Canada

Montreal Central has a lot to offer.  They have great events on a regular basis and have won several awards, including Hostelworld’s coveted Hoscar for best hostel in North America.

 Latin AmericaIguana Azul– Copan, Honduras

Iguana Azul may be my favorite hostel that I’ve ever stayed in.  It is located in the mountain town of Copan and is a wonderful escape from Central American cities.  Everything is clean and it is owned by a great guy who is always willing to help you find something to do.  They also have great breakfast at the B & B next door!

EuropeTravellers House– Lisbon, Portugal

Travellers looks amazing.  They have a great vibe, many different types of rooms to choose from, and they are right in the center of the city but close enough to the river.


Africa- The Backpack– Cape Town, South Africa

The Backpack was voted the best hostel in Africa for 2014.  The hostel is beautiful and the owners are all about responsible tourism, which is a great bonus.  The Backpack also helps out with planning your trip and picking tours that would interest you, which is an added bonus.

Asia- Mushroom Point– Sihanoukville, Cambodia

These bungalows look like a great place to get away.  They offer yoga classes, a cute restaurant, and an excellent vibe.  It is definitely worth checking out and they offer bungalows as an option for rentals.


Australia/New ZelandWake Up!–  Sydney, Australia

Wake Up! Is a great modern hostel in the bustling city of Sydney.  The hostel is in a great location and they even offer a chance to work if you aren’t quite ready to leave the city.  Wake Up! has a fun bar as well with events to help you get to know people from all over the world.


If none of these strike your fancy, check out travel blogs, talk to friends and fellow travelers, and review hostel websites for yourself to pick your next fantastic stay. We do hope you enjoy our list!

Have you stayed at any of these hostels? Which would you like to return to again?


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