Five Top Activities in Condado, San Juan


Reminiscent of a mini Miami Beach, San Juan’s oceanfront, tree-lined Condado neighborhood percolates with non-stop action both on and off the beach.  It’s a destination for birthday gatherings, bachelor parties, honeymooners, and well, practically anyone who wants to have fun. Comfy lodgings abound at La Concha Hotel (my favorite), the Marriott and a smattering of quality AirBnb condos. And, the neighborhood is small enough to explore on foot, so no need to rent a car.

On the activities front, there’s more than enough to keep you busy for a long weekend. For five of my personal favorites, check out the following:

  1. Sunbathe.  During the day, oodles of sunbathers chillax on Condado’s wide, sandy beaches. Make a beeline to La Concha Hotel or the Marriott Hotel for beach chairs, or lay your towel directly on the sand for free.
  2. Shop. Condado is home to a smattering of upscale shops. From Cartier and Gucci to chic boutiques, expensive price tags abound.
  3. Workout. Wake up early to walk or run along the main promenade with locals, or maybe even join in a group salsa lesson in the park.
  4. Eat. Condado’s eclectic foodie scene is delish! From Pinky’s cheap funky café fare to middle of the road Casa Lola’s, you’re sure to be pleased. At Casa Lola, opt for the yummy seafood mofongo, a classic Puerto Rican meal of mashed plantains and seafood. And, for somewhere very special (albeit expensive!). Make a reservation at Perla, a chic seashell shaped, white tablecloth restaurant with a seafood centric menu. Call ahead for a reservation at a table along the windows; the ocean views are sublime.
  5. Drink. With its chic and minimalist décor, round the clock music and creative mixed drinks, La Concha Hotel’s lobby is THE spot to be in Condado. Though if relaxed shorts and flip-flops are more your scene, there’s plenty of dive bars along the main promenade too.

What other activities can you add to our list?


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