What to Do In Saint Barts?


Saint Barts in the Caribbean goes by many names. But one thing remains constant: The high-end holiday experience. You’ll find lots of luxurious resorts and vacation rentals. Which is why so many celebrities and millionaires spend their time on the island. If this is your first time, here’s a roundup of All things Saint Barts to turn your holiday into a trip of a lifetime.

Photograph the Yachts in Gustavia Port

Gustavia Port has hundreds of luxurious yachts moored at any given moment. The tiny island is a haven for wealthy yacht owners after they have come back from a tour of the Caribbean. Standing at the edge of the port, you’ll see various models and types. The ones that often cost with a multi-million dollar price tag. Head down to capture the yachts floating on the glistening water in the early evening.

Learn to Windsurf on Grand Cul de Sac Beach

The shallow waters hugging Grand Cul de Sac Beach create the perfect conditions for windsurfing. Gusty winds propel the windsurfers around in the relatively calm waters. Combine windsurfing with a day at the beach. After a few hours, head to the quaint beachside cafés and bars for a cold drink. If this is your first time, you can take a windsurfing lesson with an experienced instructor. Stroll down the beach and you’ll find plenty of shacks offering lessons.

Go Celebrity Spotting

Saint Barts is a magnet for A-list celebrities who own property on the tropical paradise. This includes George Clooney among other well-known names. If you explore the island, you’ll often pass some of their luxurious villas. And because of the relatively small size of the island, it’s not uncommon to bump into one in Gustavia or at the beach. You might even see a handful of paparazzi who take advantage of the low-key nature of the island. While spotting a celeb certainly isn’t a sure thing, it’s also worth keeping your eyes peeled. Just in case you do.

Relax on Your Own Beach

Out of Saint Bart’s white sand beaches, only a handful receive beachgoers. You can easily find secluded beaches. And by secluded, you’ll be the only person relaxing on the sand. Colombier Beach is an incredible spot to find along the northwest coastline. There are only two ways to get to Colombier. Either you rent a boat and get dropped off. Or you climb for 30 minutes over the rocky terrain. But the effort is worth it. When you arrive, you’ll have the entire coral beach to yourself. Pro tip: Make sure you bring enough sunscreen. You won’t find much shade on this beach.

Explore Gustavia

Most travellers think a trip to Saint Barts involves pristine beaches and turquoise waters. But the tiny capital city offers attractive architecture surrounded by the lush green landscape. Stroll towards the coast and you’ll find the seemingly ubiquitous shacks lining the beach. Head to the city centre and find ornate building with characteristic red roofs. Stroll through the downtown and find the latest fashion on display in high-end boutique shops. Walk through the backstreets and climb the town’s highest point: A 29 metre tall hill. While you won’t get the sweeping views of a mountain top, you will get to snap stunning photos of Shell Beach.

Spend the Day at Lorient Beach

Lorient is among the most beautiful beaches in Saint Bart. The protected beach in the northern part of the island has a stunning reef. Apart from local families coming down on Sundays, you’ll find the beach mostly deserted. One of the highlights of Lorient is the availability of shade. You can find a spot under the trees and relax without worrying about getting sunburned. Bring your camera and some cold drinks and sit on the sand watching the fishing boats bob in the turquoise waters.

Stroll Through St Bart’s Most Exclusive Areas

Anse des Flamands ranks as the island’s most exclusive areas on then northwest shores. This is where you’ll most likely bump into a celebrity. You can walk through the neighbourhood and admire the beachside mansions and luxurious villas. Then head down to the long and curving Flamands Beach. Golden sand stretches around the cove bordered by cliffs and greenery. The rough water might not be the best for swimming, but it’s a nice place to spend an afternoon.

Go Snorkeling or Diving

Coral reefs lie a few meters from the coast on some of Saint Bart’s beaches. You can rent snorkeling equipment from your resort and bring it with you to the beach. Put your towel down and swim out in the shallow waters. Or you can join a tour which takes you out further into the tropical sea. Out there, you’ll find hundreds of colourful fish. Some will be longer than your arm. St Bart’s also has a thriving diving scene. If you’re not already PADI-certified, you can learn when you arrive. Those who can already dive will be able to go out to multiple sites around the island. Expect to have a once-in-a-lifetime marine experience.

Best Things to Do in Saint Barts

Saint Barts makes the perfect location for a luxurious holiday. When you arrive, take advantage of the secluded beaches, learn to windsurf and go snorkeling. Head down to Gustavia Port and admire the yachts. Arrange a diving tour or finally get PADI-certified. And always keep your eyes open for a famous face relaxing on the beach or dining the restaurants.

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