A Glimpse Of Little Corn Island, Nicaragua


If you’re looking for an off-the-beaten track adventure AND the ultimate in relaxation, then you can’t go wrong with a visit to Little Corn Island, Nicaragua. Just a small speck located about 70 kilometers off the coast, Little Corn Island is an authentic tropical getaway full of pristine beaches, dense coconut grooves, muddy jungle trails and warm Creole English-speaking locals. A visit to Little Corn is certainly not for everyone, but for those who are up for an adventure, you’ll be rewarded with the ultimate tropical getaway.

Getting In

You have to be committed if you want to visit Little Corn Island. Most tourists opt to arrive via a flight from Managua to Big Corn Island. From here, a small boat will take you to Little Corn Island. It’s only about a 45-minute ride, but you can certainly expect to get wet!

Getting Around

There are no cars on Little Corn Island. Primary transportation is via wheelbarrow, so be sure to pack light! However, the island is only about three square kilometers, which makes exploration via foot both easy and accessible. Be sure to pack a flashlight as the only light you’ll have when out at night will be from the thousands of glittering stars overhead!


Little Corn Island is neither a luxury retreat nor a budget backpacker’s top choice. Because most of the supplies are flown in, you can expect prices to be expensive. Limited electricity and a simple way of life also means that you won’t find five-star all-inclusive resorts like you might in destinations such as Cancun. That said, there are a smattering of beach cabins and eco-chic hotels located around the island.

What To Do

The primary activity of choice on Little Corn Island is lounging around the idyllic beaches or going for a dip in the calm turquoise sea. If you’re looking for entertainment and night clubs, then this most certainly isn’t the place for you. However, if you love the thought of grabbing a beer from a local beach bar and then lounging the day away with a good book in hand, Little Corn Island will be immensely rewarding. Aside from unplugging (don’t expect to come here and remain glued to your iPhone), the following activities are popular:

Scuba Diving and Snorkeling:

Though Nicaragua might not boast the same scale of diving as Belize or Honduras, the reefs off of Little Corn Island still warrant exploration. There are a handful of dives that are suitable for all levels; popular sightings include nurse sharks, rays, moray eels, lobsters and turtles.

Kitesurfing School

If you prefer the air to the sea, then don’t miss the opportunity to glide high above Little Corn Island with Kite Little Corn. Beginner’s classes and advanced lessons are available. It’s not for those with a fear of heights, but it does make a remarkable vacation memory!


No trip to the Caribbean Sea is complete without a day of fishing. Full-day fly fishing adventures combined with tours of the island are the most popular option.

For those who love a good Central American and a mix of Caribbean escape, Little Corn Island is an absolute must. Still not sure? We love this look by Globetrotter Girls: Are the Corn Islands Worth A Visit?

Have you visited before? What would you add? 


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