Camping in Sweden: How to Do It Right


The summer months are the perfect time to go camping in Sweden according to After the crispness of the winter frost melts the idea of spending a few nights in a tent start to feel like a good idea. Come summer the landscape in Scandinavia blooms into green with lush forests and fresh berries in abundance for you to pick.

The great bonus about planning a camping trip in Sweden is that unlike other countries (such as Australia) there is a distinctive lack of animals and reptiles that can harm you.

As a country known for its equality, it is also relatively safe for women to camp either in groups or solo through Sweden. So, it is the perfect place for the solo female traveler who wants to save some money, camp and get back in touch with nature.

What to know

One of the benefits of camping in Sweden is the ‘right of public access’ or Allemansrätt which means that everyone is free to roam the countryside and camp wherever they like. How great is that?

It means that you have freedom to roam without having to stick to designated campsites per se and feel really free in your wanderings. General rules of decency do apply– don’t go camping in anyone’s garden– but in general you can camp where you feel like it.

Traveling in Sweden is expensive, so knowing that you do not have to pay for campsites if you have a tent you can sleep for free! Techie Camper looked at the best multiple tents, hammocks, and more, and combined them all in one site to make it easier for you to shop.

Where to go

There is no shortage of places to choose on a camping trip through Sweden. If you fancy hiking and camping on an island then the archipelago of Stockholm is a great destination.

Islands in the archipelago range in size and also in amenities depending on how remote you want to feel.

If you want to stick to the mainland then central Sweden offers plenty of forests and national parks that you can choose from to hike through.

Most have well maintained trails and maps and camp places with fires, toilets and sometimes wooden huts to sleep in too.

The further north you travel into the Arctic Circle offers you opportunities to see the Northern Lights during the winter, or the never ending Arctic daylight in the summer.


After a long days hiking it is nice and refreshing to cool off in one of Sweden’s many freshwater lakes, so make sure to pack your swimmers, even if the temperature does not seem high enough to swim.

Whilst some of the national parks and hiking trails have toilets, many do not, especially if you go off the beaten path so make sure to take your rubbish with you. This includes toilet waste, and if you are going to be camping on your period, keep this in mind.

Bugs and mosquitos can be a problem so take insect repellent. It might be summer but the night temperature can get low so pack some warm clothing for those chilly nights. Always check with local authorities if fires are permitted during the summer months before lighting one.

Sweden is a beautiful country with its islands, birch forests and lakes, and camping allows you to get up close and in touch with Sweden’s nature, to save some money whilst you travel and is a great and safe camping destination for women.

Do you camp when you travel?


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