How Tech Can Make Your Home Improvement Project A Breeze


Are you sick of looking at the same four walls after working from home for months on end? Since we can’t travel at the moment, I’ve decided to use this time at home to improve things just a little bit.

Whether you’re considering a home improvement project, a bathroom renovation or just a bit of an upgrade (on a budget), incorporating tech into your home can make things easy, more energy efficient and safer. If you want some expert advice, consider hiring and expert at

Here are some ways to incorporate technology into your home renovations.

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Search Trusted Contractors

If you’re doing a project that involves knocking down walls or major repairs, you’ll need to find a contractor in your area that you can trust. This part can be tricky and you’ll want to start early. Networx is an online catalogue of trusted contractors, organized by speciality and location. Try out their search for drywall contractors near me and see what you think!

Get Inspiration Online

Before you make a deal with the contractors, you need to be sure of exactly what it is you want the your project to look like; otherwise, you can end up taking a lot of suggestions for things you don’t need, and spend a lot of money in the process!

There is a multitude of interior design websites available, which will help you not only to design your project, but they often give help and advice for common DIY issues. Some of the greatest sites to explore are:

  • Apartment Therapy. This site has plenty of inspirational photos and home tours for you to look through and not only that, but it provides helpful advice on DIY, maintenance and gardening.
  • Design Milk. You’ll find not only architecture and design inspiration here but ideas for incorporating technology into your property. This is the place for furniture ideas, storage solutions and home decor, plus there’s even a section for commercial properties.
  • Young House Love. This is the blog of long time renovators Sherry and John and offers plenty of design inspiration plus a whole section dedicated to DIY. They also provide hints and tips on decorating that you can use in your project.

Shop Around For Materials

Once you’ve decided what it is that you are going to do, you’ll need to look for the materials to complete your project. This can be an expensive business, particularly if you are contemplating a bigger project like a kitchen or bathroom redesign.

When it comes to building materials, it’s generally a good idea not to buy cheap poor quality materials as they won’t last as long, and they won’t look as good. The problem is that good quality materials come with a good quality price tag!

Take your time to shop around online for materials. Look out for deals at DIY stores, or people selling on Craigslist or Facebook marketplace. These are great places to pick up a bargain because most of the time people just want to get the stuff out of their house, so if you can collect, they will often let you have a heavily discounted price.

Social Media

Join forums and ask for recommendations and advice using social media. People love to share their success and their horror stories, and you can learn from their mistakes!

Have you tried doing any home renovation during this quarantine? What has worked for you?


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