Tips for Traveling with Vegan Children


While traveling with children is challenging, going on a journey with vegan children is extra tricky. Being vegan as a family means that the whole family, including the children, understands the lessons on kindness, compassion, and empathy. But still, being vegan comes with its challenges.

The most challenging question that a parent to vegan children asks themselves is where and what they will eat along the way. However if you decide to hire a local chef, you can avoid the trouble. To do it, visit this link to Find a Vegan Chef wherever you are.

Typically, careful planning is critical, and it can make the trip successful or a total disaster. We all know that a full stomach makes a happy child. Make every effort to make them happy.

The following tips from plantalternative will come in handy when traveling with vegan children.

Plan Ahead

Of course, living solely on a plant-based diet is easy when you live in a big city. The giant grocery stores, fruit and veggie markets, and health food stores may only be a stone’s throw away from your apartment. All that changes when you decide to pack up and go on a trip as a family.

Planning ahead of the trip is usually the key. Prepare your meals and pack enough for the journey to not have to stress about it en route. Make a list of the snacks and purchase them a few days before the D-day so that you won’t forget anything.

Pack Right

Remember to pack airport security-friendly food to avoid issues that may inconvenience your family. Ideally, pack mess-free snacks for the little kiddo to avoid embarrassing situations when they splatter everything everywhere. Diced fruit, dry cereal, organic rice milk, and veggie packs are some of the must-haves.

Prepare Convenience Foods

It may seem preposterous for some people, but you can prepare a homemade vegan meal away from the kitchen. There are great options, such as field roast sausage and coconut milk yogurt, among others.

Make Pit stops at Veg-Friendly Food Places

It is a bit of an uphill task to pack all the food necessary for the trip for some folks. Use your smartphone or other handheld devices to locate vegan-friendly restaurants along the way. You have the option of picking vegan restaurants from different cultures to make the experience a little bit more exhilarating.

For example, some Mexican eateries can have delicious vegan burritos, and which the kids may love. You can treat your children to mouth-watering vegan sushi at Japanese establishments. Make inquiries through email or chat about the specials that restaurants have for vegan clients.

When you get to the restaurant, everyone will savor the break from the stuffed car, as well. If the restaurant plates are too large for the kids, which is often the case, they can share the meals. Never miss a chance to make savings when traveling.

Making the Trip Enjoyable

Above all else it is important that the trip itself is enjoyable.  Pick a destination that is enjoyable for all the family members.  If everyone is happy to be there, everyone will be more accommodating to variables and be a bit more flexible then if they’re generally peeved. If you’re on a road trip make sure your vehicle is in good shape and a pleasure to drive.  Upgrades such as heated seats, power improvements, and eibach lowering springs can go a long way. 

Pick a Convenient Hotel Room

It will not be quite budget-friendly to take every meal at the restaurant. Always request a hotel room with a small kitchenette and mini-fridge. Purchase from the nearest farmers market or grocery store, preferably foods that don’t require cooking, such as quinoa, prepared salads, fresh veggies, and fruits.

Keep an eye out on the ingredients list for any hidden additions that may be non-vegan. Don’t forget to restock your favorite carton of plant-based milk.

Traveling with Vegan Infants

Inarguably, the available options for traveling vegan infants are as slim as you may think. Wear clothing that will make it easier to breastfeed discreetly. A nursing cover or a shawl will help cover up from the prying eyes.

Pumped breast milk in an insulated bag is more comfortable to carry and convenient to feed the kiddo. If you do not breastfeed, you can always bring soy formula or another variety of plant-based formula for your vegan infant. Don’t worry about airport security as it is not against the rules to carry non-dairy formula or pumped breast milk to the airplane.

If you are on the road, you can make a stop at the park or quiet parking lot to feed the baby in peace. Some airports have unique places for breastfeeding. Even if that is not the case, find a quiet location, and try to relax. After all, the primary objective is to feed the infant and keep them happy.

Traveling with vegan children does not always have to be unbearable. A bit of planning goes a long way into making it a success and a happy one. Safe journey, folks!


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