3 Powerful Yoga Poses You Can Travel With Anywhere


If you’re a dedicated yogi (or want to be), and have a vacation planned, don’t leave your ‘OM’ at home.

There are plenty of yoga poses that you can pack, breakout and practice while traveling abroad. Here are three that we use in our travels for grounding, better breathing and more relaxation.

Yoga moves that you can do anywhere you travel.

1. Lotus Pose

With its Sanskrit derivative Padmasana meaning ‘seat’ or ‘throne’ this pose is practiced while sitting and placing your right foot on your left thigh and bringing your left foot onto your right thigh. More commonly known as ‘sitting down cross legged’, when practiced correctly, this pose can help you intimately connect to your surroundings. Practice this pose in the mornings on the beach outside your cabana or on a deck overlooking your exotic scenery. Wherever you may be in the world, this pose gently allows you to breathe in your new foreign environment.

2. Downward Facing Dog

A go-to yoga pose when all others are feeling unsuitable is downward facing dog. You can pretty much take your dog to any part of the world when you are feeling low-energy and need some serious oomph to carry on with your day. Seeing as though it’s not the most discrete pose, you can practice downward facing dog in the privacy of your room before venturing out for a full day’s worth of sightseeing. Try flowing through a full sun salutation to get an extra kick of energy.

3. Standing Straddle Forward Bend

Prasarita Padottanasana, is a phenomenal pose for hip-opening and stretching of the hamstrings.

You should practice forward bend right before you hit the discoteca or an all-night-dance club in your distant city. It’s best to start out in mountain pose (standing upright) and with a straddled stance gently leaning forward to touch your hands to the ground.

Remain here for at least ten breathes and repeat a few times. When you’re done, take your limber legs and open hips and dance the night away with the locals!

Next time you pack up and jet-set for vacation make sure you don’t leave these three poses at home. Tuck them neatly away in your suitcase and break them out whenever you feel necessary. Bow your head in Namaste and give thanks to every new journey you embark upon along the way!

Do you practice yoga when you travel? What are your favorite poses?


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