5 Tips for Traveling with Cancer


There are tons of benefits that are linked with traveling. Exploring new places can not only broaden the mind, but getting to engage with people from different backgrounds and cultures can give you a whole new perspective on life. If you are living with cancer, however, it’s important that you’re aware of the risks that come attached if you plan to travel.

Every person is different, so while one’s diagnosis may stop them from traveling altogether, others may still be able to take a trip, so here are five tips for those traveling with cancer.

See Your Doctor

Before you travel, it’s crucial that you see your doctor first to make sure that you’re well enough to go. Your doctor will be able to advise you further on what precautions you should take while you are away. If you feel ill at any point on your trip, you will want to know what measures to take to make sure you are healthy and safe. Also, working closely with your doctor will help establish whether it’s right to travel now, or if you should wait until you have completed your treatment. Whether you’re undergoing chemotherapy, radiotherapy, or you’ve opted for alternative cancer treatment, it is important that you keep up your appointments.

Research Your Destination

Cancer treatments such as chemotherapy and radiation therapy may weaken your immune system, meaning that any vaccinations you have before going away may not be as effective. In some instances, those with a weakened immune system are advised not to have vaccines. Doing thorough research into the destination you’re heading to can not only give you more information about whether vaccinations are required, but you can map out where the nearest hospitals are should you become ill on your travels.

Protect Your Skin

If you are undergoing chemotherapy, this can make your skin more sensitive to sun damage. This effect could be temporary or even permanent, so it’s crucial that you take good care of your skin and avoid sun exposure. Taking precautionary action like wearing a strong sunscreen throughout the day, re-applying sunscreen frequently, as well as wearing a hat while you are outside can add an extra layer of protection for your skin.

Take Care of Your Medications

If you have to take prescription medication with you on your travels, it’s important that you take good care of them. Placing them in your carry-on and having enough medication to cover your whole trip will provide you with peace of mind. You should also obtain a doctor’s note to explain any special supplies you may have on you, such as injection needles and syringes.

Take Precautions with Your Health

As a cancer patient, your immune system will be compromised, meaning you need to take good care of your health while you are away. There are various tips that you can take on board, such as moving around every hour or so to reduce the risk of blood clots, as well as drinking plenty of water to keep hydrated.

If you are currently not medically stable, but you would still like to travel, it’s crucial that you seek advice from your doctor before you go on your trip, helping to ensure you stay comfortable and safe throughout your travels.  


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