7 Tips for Traveling with Sex Toys


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Whatever the reason or destination, if you’re traveling with sex toys in stow, these 7 tips will ensure you never have to endure the embarrassment of TSA holding up your glittery massage wand for all to see.

1.    Keep It Under 7 Inches

There are no rules against flying with sex toys in the United States; however, if you want to carry them on, size matters. Any vibrators over 7 inches in length can be considered a club, or weapon, and will be confiscated. You may also want to leave behind any bondage gear: handcuffs, whips and ropes, or anything else that might make the TSA nervous. There are a lot of dildos and vibrators on Plug Lust to choose from that fits this criteria, and besides, you might want to add more to your collection after knowing this rule.

2.    Remember Carry On Regulations

If you can’t fly with your water bottle, you better believe there is no way that extra-large tube of lube is going through security. Keep all carry on liquids and gels to 3oz bottles or less. On a similar note, remember that the TSA can decide on the spot if any item could be used as a weapon.  When in doubt, pack toys and accessories in your checked luggage. And if you would like to have some more exciting sex (or just give yourself a lot more pleasure!) then check out these awesome sex toys as there are so many available so a whole world of pleasure to discover!

3.    Remove Batteries

If your tools are too large or you have decided you don’t want to risk exposure to the queue of travelers passing through security behind you, checking your sex toys is often a safer option. Just don’t forget to remove all batteries. Not only will it prolong your battery life, it will prevent any unwanted noise from your gadgets. The last thing you need is to have the bomb dogs sent in to investigate the mysterious beeping from your suitcase

4.    Bag It Up

You really don’t want airport security manhandling your sex toys. Packing them in individual bags will help keep them contamination while also making it easier for security to identify the objects themselves. If you’re feeling balsy, you can use a clear, plastic bag. If not, a cloth bag (like the Crown Royal bag) will do the trick.

5.    Consider Your Destination

If you are traveling outside of the United States, be sure to consider the local laws of your destination. Not all countries will be appreciative of a suitcase overflowing with sex toys. This is particularly true for conservative Middle Eastern countries. Do your research, and always remember you are a guest when traveling abroad. Follow local rules and customs. If you’re traveling to a conservative country, choose a vibrator that can be disguised as something else. For example, most sex shops sell vibrators that come in the shape and size of lipstick.

6.    Tell The Truth

TSA has seen it all, and you aren’t the first person to travel with a Hello Kitty vibrator. Remember that you haven’t done anything wrong, and be honest with TSA if they question you about the contents of your bags; often it will streamline the security process. If you are being questioned in a public area, ask to be questioned in private to avoid snickers or raised eyebrows from fellow travelers.

7.    Know Your Rights

While TSA has the right to question you about the security of your contents, they have no right to publically humiliate you. If you feel you have been a subject of harassment or inappropriate behavior, you can always file a report with the TSA Office of Civil Rights and Liberties. There is nothing wrong with traveling with sex toys! Don’t let them shame you!

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Do you have any additional tips for traveling with sex toys? What about any embarrassing encounters with airport security? If you’re willing to divulge, we want to hear!


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  2. I’ve just “enjoyed” a less than interesting experience @ KLIA airport Malaysia where I arrived on vacation with a small vibrator, sans batteries, in my checked-in luggage.
    Malaysia is one of few countries (I know of no other country) that checks all bags, especially checked-in luggage (my wife’s handbag wasn’t checked) on EXITING their airports but not on entering them.
    So, this morning a vast line of tourists & locals were filing out of the only line with a working/switched-on scanner.
    Post-scanning a few people were asked to open their checked-in bags.
    I was one of these.
    The sharp-eyed customs gal (in Malaysia they’re not security people who scan but customs which I subsequently discovered made a huge difference in what they were looking for) had spotted my small vibrator in my toiletries bag.
    In full view of everyone (no one stopped to look as they were hurrying along & obviously grateful they weren’t also stopped & searched) the young customs examiner singled out & played with my vibrator & asked me to show him how it worked- doing an excellent job of looking as if he had no idea what it was.
    I inserted batteries & switched on.
    The customs guy fondled the thing & asked me what it was for.
    I told him the truth- which always hurts in our world- that my vibrator was obviously to help me come.
    Young customs guy: “Oh no, in Malaysia this is not allowed (I wasn’t sure if he meant orgasms weren’t allowed?). You cannot bring this kind of (sic.) sex toys into our country. That is against our laws.”
    After a few questions I was herded into someone’s office.
    This seemed an important office with piles of stuff in the occupant’s in-tray & lots of photos of the occupant being rewarded for brilliant deeds- like the one today.
    A few minutes later (what appeared to be) the office occupant wandered in.
    I was asked to sit (not a choice) before him- an important man with lots of stripes on his shoulders.
    After another conversation when I repeated exactly what I’d told his subordinate the big man produced a big form asking me to fill it (in Bahasa Malaysia).
    I was then required to sign AND thumbprint it.
    My passport was taken & copied & copies were stapled to my form.
    Through this episode the young customs guy who had made the incredible find was stood IN the office door with a colleague looking as if they were guarding me from running off (me obviously eager to line up again with the increasing number of passengers trying to exit).
    After another lecture on the virtues of not bringing sex toys into THEIR country I was let out to reclaim my bags … which had meanwhile disappeared.
    The entire ordeal lasted an hour to the time I found my wife & bags again (not in the same place).
    A local lawyer to whom I related this story said that my ordeal demonstrated how sharp young customs guys were to have spotted a pen-like thing among many other pen-like things (extraordinary things such as toothbrushes & toothpicks) in my toiletries bag.
    Unfortunately the beady-eyed customs guy had missed my Swiss flick-knife which was sitting beside my vibrator in my checked-in bag.
    Flick-knives are clearly proscribed by law- quite unlike vibrators which are not specifically proscribed by Malaysian law.
    From my ordeal it seems customs @ KLIA were looking ONLY for sex toys + anything vaguely porno as I was asked if I also had “porno DVDs” (to go with my vibrator which clearly put me in the same bracket as hardcore pornographers), not appreciating of course that men now watch porn online & have long dispensed with carrying DVDs in airports waiting to be arrested by vice men in Muslim countries looking only for porno DVDs.
    Message: Carry whatever you like into Malaysia- & I daresay into any other Muslim country- but make sure you leave all your sex toys & literature with even just one bikini-clad female showing (again customs seem tuned to look only for females showing half an ankle) in saner parts of the world where hopefully you are sat when reading this.
    Your household robot would do a much better job of vice-screening.

    • Wow. What a horrible ordeal to go through. I’m sorry that happened to you but thanks so much for sharing. Its infuriating you were treated like such a criminal, but hopefully sharing this story will prevent it from happening to other travelers!

  3. What aboit carrying these to Qatar? It is dildos and fleshlights for personal use..will this be isdues at airport..pls reply

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