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We’ve all heard the tales of the outlandish beauty routines from around the world. But it’s time we really examine the beauty trends and draw inspiration from all the ladies of the world.


Shea Butter: We’ve all heard of it. But do you know where it comes from? Shea Butter is actually derived from the fat of the nut from the African Shea Tree. The crazy thing about Shea Butter is that it’s edible, smells tasty, and is extremely moisturizing. We’ve all probably heard of shea butter but now you know exactly where it comes from.

Moroccan Oil: Girls. I have been using moroccan oil in my hair for years and never even knew where this amazing beauty trend originated from. So I did a little research. From the name, we can tell that Moroccan Oil is derived from Morocco. Moroccan Oil is also known as Argan Oil as the oil comes from plant oil produced from the kernels of the Argan tree. It’s great for your hair. It moisturizes, smells amazing, and protects. But I also discovered that it can be used on skin, too! It’s great for juvenile acne, flaky skin, and rashes. Who knew?


Tea Tree Oil: Tea Tree Oil is my absolute best friend in the summer. I first discovered this beautiful product when I spent 4 months in Australia in 2012. I got to see an actual Tea Tree Water LAKE! At the time, it didn’t mean that much to me. Fast forward six months when I’m covered in mosquito bites and going out of my mind with the want to scratch, and I would pay a million bucks to go back. Not only does Tea Tree Oil smell totally herbal and awesome, it instantly helps my skin with any inflammation. Not to mention the sensation I feel if I dab a little on my scalp for extra hair growth. Oh and don’t let me forget the ability it has to shrink my acne overnight… If you’re interested in removing your acne scars, then try microneedling.


Sunscreen: It may go without saying, but getting the proper SPF is a HUGE bonus to fantastic skin. Asia has been warding off the hot UV rays for years and it’s about time the rest of us caught up.

Rice Water: I found so much information about women rinsing their skin with rice water. Who knew? But rice is filled with antioxidants and it’s been said that rice water can help preserve our youthful skin and keep wrinkles at bay. I think I’m convinced.

South America

Avocado: So we may have been eating avocados for years, but thanks to South America we discovered the benefits that avocado has for our hair and skin, as well. Avocados are LOADED with vitamin E and and high fats. Try an avocado and honey face mask or look for hair products that contain avocado oils. Your skin AND hair will thank you later.

Oatmeal: Have a terrible sunburn? Need relief from irritated skin? Find your face breaking out worse than ever? Is your skin inflamed? Are you stressed out? Oatmeal has a cure for all of these ailments. Oatmeal is extremely anti- inflammatory with tons of rich nutrients that are great for your skin and your overall well-being.

So there you have it, some of the best beauty inspiration from around the world. What beauty trends from around the world inspire you?


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