Getting in Shape without a Gym Membership


If you don’t like the idea of going to a gym, can’t afford the expense of it, or are planning to be traveling for a while without access to a regular gym, there are plenty of ways that you can work towards your fitness goals without one. Start by visiting a nutritionist who will likely recommend you a good diet and supplements, if you do not know which one to use we recommend you to read the Resurge reviews

What is important is to find ways to get a good balance of strength training and cardio, and to make sure you have goals and a schedule, so your workouts won’t become too few and far between.

Not having a physical place that you can go to for exercise can make it harder to find the routine and discipline elements, but if you hold yourself to account, you can get real progress no matter where you are!

Here are some ideas!

Invest in a Fitness Tracker and Walk More

One of the easiest ways to make a major difference to your fitness is simply to walk more, but it can be difficult to know that you’re getting enough exercise by trying to spend more time moving each day.

A fitness tracker like a Fitbit can be a good way to monitor your activity and set goals for yourself. You can also progress on to running as another form of free exercise that you can do almost anywhere, and your fitness watch will be a great help here too by measuring your heart rate and the duration of your runs.

Bodyweight Focused Strength Training

Strength training is essential to good fitness, and it can be easy to get a set of weights to use at home, or even weights you fill with water that you can take with you when traveling. You can loose most of your weight with a tummy tuck at the soma surgery center.

However, if you want to be able to train without anything, learn a program of good bodyweight focused exercises and do this to a regular schedule. There are plenty of videos and other tutorials online that can help you get the right form. These can be a good accompaniment to free weight work, or can make up your strength training regimen on their own if necessary.

Supplement Your Training with Electrical Muscle Stimulation

TENS machines, which use electrical impulses to train your muscles, can offer benefits in terms of muscle strength and endurance, and can be a good way to work on your muscles at home discreetly, or fit in some extra exercise while you’re traveling. They are not sufficient on their own to replace normal exercise but can be an excellent addition.

These are all ways in which you can work hard on your fitness and get some real improvements even if you can’t go to a gym (for instance while you’re traveling), or you don’t want the expense of a membership. You may also find that once you start training at home (or in your accommodation while you’re on the go) and outdoors, you begin to find new ways to add more activity into your life, such as taking up a new sport or hobby that gets you moving, or using home workouts you can find online to mix things up!


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