How to Have an Easier Time Traveling as a Vegan with a Vegan Handbag


Traveling while vegan? Don’t stress! While the availability of vegan foods does differ a lot from region to region and country to country, it doesn’t have to be enough to keep you from your trip, get more tips at

Do a little research before you go somewhere about vegan options, learn how to say a few key phrases in the local language, and pack cruelty and vegan cosmetics with you before you go.

Here are some tips for ensuring a good vacation or business trip when you are traveling as a vegan:

Pack All Your Toiletries and Cosmetics in Advance

If you avoid toiletries and cosmetics that include animal products such as beeswax and honey or cochineal, or are cruelty-free, you’ll want to be sure to pack that before you go, if you need where to find them visit cosmeceuticals australia online store. You may not be able to find the same brands in the country you are visiting, and may not want to have to go to the trouble of reading all the labels or researching popular local beauty brands to see what you can use, so stock up on travel-sized versions of the products from your favorite vegan friendly manufacturers. If you are looking for a great selection of makeup, fragrances, toiletries and more that includes vegan options, check out Honest, who is a clean beauty brand.

Be Sure to Choose Vegan Airline Food Options When You Book

If you’re flying long distance, then you’ll have some meals included in the cost of your plane ticket. Take advantage of them, or, buy suitable food after airport security to take on board with you. Book your meal when you book your flight by clicking the “pre-order menu” box. Airlines now offer a wide range of menu options to suit people with different needs, but you need to specify when you book that you need the vegan option.

To some destinations, particularly places like India where there is a large vegetarian population, you may even find that there is more than one option suitable for you, and you might also be pleasantly surprised to find that usually, people who have chosen plant based recipes food get served faster than other passengers!

Research Restaurants at Your Destination in Advance

Do a little research, or join a vegan traveler FB group, to try to pinpoint some restaurants in the area you’ll be visiting. If you can look at their menus online to find out how much their vegan options (if they have them) appeal to you, even better. This can help you find out things that will help you plan where you’ll eat, and also get a feel for how easy it will be to find vegan food in general in this location.

As you can see, a little bit of forethought can make your trip go a lot more smoothly when it comes to enjoying your trip without any challenges based on food and essential products.

Have you traveled with food restrictions? What are some of your best tips?


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