How to Travel With Your Baby


Babies – they’re such cute, wonderful, beautiful small humans. Don’t we all love them?

When it comes to how to travel with your baby, things get complicated. It’s great to see that mothers and families choose to have their baby travel with them. That’s how some of us wanderlusters and travel addicts got started! My first flight was at 3 years old and even though I have no memory of it whatsoever, I grew up knowing I had flown and wanting to do it again. I’m so happy my mother took me along or my travel lust would probably have began later in life.

But traveling with babies is stressful! Whether you’re a mother already or want to have a baby in the future, you have probably thought about how you’ll fly with your new little one. Here are some tips you can use to tackle that next flight with your kids, whether they’re newborns or teenagers!

During the Flight

  • Bring the baby’s favorite toys for play time – stuffed animals, musical games, etc.
  • Bring favorite foods and snacks for appetizing
  • Bring a book to read to your baby for mother and baby time
  • Have a soft blanket with you to swaddle, and a separate cloth for cleaning
  • Give your baby lots of milk and liquids to drink so he/she stays hydrated
  • Sing sweet lullabies and talk to your baby – they’re listening!

Packing and Scheduling Tips

  • Try to choose a flight that is flexible with the baby’s sleeping schedule if you can, they will more easily fall asleep at that time
  • Bring an easy-to-fold stroller to store
  • Check if there’s a limit on baby liquids and if there isn’t, bring as much as you can.
  • Try to pack with a checklist so you have everything necessary for the trip
  • Don’t be shy to get an airline attendant to help you! They’re there for your service and assistance and you might need it

Have you traveled with your baby? What are your tips? Share your tips in the comments so that other mothers can feel more at ease!


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