Period on your wedding day? Here’s how to have a great time


Can period get in the way of your perfect wedding day? A wedding day is one of the most important events in a woman’s life. Every bride wants to look beautiful, regardless of the style and the budget. Not many things can intervene with a perfect wedding day like period. Needless to say, bleeding, cramping, and fatigue aren’t exactly what you hoped for while you’re about to celebrate your marriage with your friends and family. If your period overlaps with your wedding day, you don’t have another option but to cope with it. Here’s what you need to do if you have period on wedding day:

1. Gather your hygiene supplies

Red stains on your perfect wedding dress are a disaster to avoid regardless of the dress color. If you’re managing your period on your wedding day, the first thing to consider is supplying yourself with sufficient amount of sanitary pads, tampons, or menstrual cups. If you’re using menstrual cups, consider sacrificing a couple at your wedding. While menstrual cups are practical to wear as they eliminate the possibility of unfortunate leaks, they’re difficult to replace in your gorgeous, bright dress. Whichever your option is, make sure it’s easy and fast to replace.

2. Prevent leaks with leak-proof underwear

If you’re experiencing heavy flow, preventing leaks on your wedding day should be your number one concern. As you’ll most likely spend an entire day on your feet, mingling, and dancing, consider wearing additional leak-proof underwear to prevent any stains from showing.

3. Reduce alcohol and hydrate frequently

Alcoholic beverages can increase the menstrual flow, so you want to go easier on the drinks. Instead, drink plenty of water and fresh juices. As you’re bleeding, you’ll be more likely to feel tired and fatigued as the alcohol will have a more powerful influence on your body. You don’t want to be under the major influence of alcohol, either, as you’ll be in the spotlight and in the majority of wedding photos. On the other hand, hydration will ease the pains and support great mood throughout the day.

4. Choose fruits over fatty foods

Wedding receptions usually don’t offer many food choices. You most likely have a menu of a couple of dishes for all of the guests to enjoy. Still, you should avoid eating a lot of meat and carbs (French fries, mash potatoes) on your wedding day. Don’t be ashamed to bring some light, healthy snacks with you. If fresh fruits aren’t on the menu, bring protein bars, energy bars, and fresh fruits. Light fruits will energize you for the day, and they’ll also alleviate the cramping.

5. Grab every chance to rest

Wedding couples are known to get very tired during weddings. Devoting your time to guests and dancing will take up the most of your day, but don’t forget to rest every once in a while. Sitting down for a couple of minutes after every 30 minutes spent on your feet will prevent fatigue and severe cramping.

No bride is happy to celebrate her wedding during the period. But you shouldn’t let it ruin your big day either. Remember to secure yourself with sanitary supplies and keep fresh fruits and water near you. Avoid drinking too much alcohol, because it will affect you with more intensity than usual. With the right care and some planning, the period shouldn’t stop you from having a great time on one of the biggest days of your life.


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