Simple Ways to Make Travel Less Stressful


Traveling is the best.

It is the best time to find personal growth, create new memories and relieve stress. But if you’ve never been abroad before, you might also find it comes with a fair bit of stress. Figuring out logistics, navigating public transportation, being ok in the unknown.

Here are some ways to avoid stress while traveling and make travel less stressful.

Get Organized

Planning is the most stressful part of a trip. However, creative organization skills can help avoid obstacles during your travel. Did you know a roof rack could make a trip even more pleasant and less tiresome?

It is an essential travel tool that helps maximize the space needed to organize traveling gear without compromising comfort throughout the journey.

Almost everything can fit in a roof rack, creating more legroom in a car. Packing cubes are another way to stay organized during a short and long trip. They can help designate storage space for each travel essential. They also simplify organizing and unpacking travel essentials, making it easier to retrieve misplaced items.

Get Insured

As we grow older, we realize that life is finite and we’re not immortal. Worries about what could happen to our loved ones in the event of an accident or catastrophe can make us reluctant to travel. Fortunately, life insurance is a reasonably cheap way to protect yourself and your family against these risks. Those in their 20s and 30s should have no problem finding affordable term life insurance policies. With life insurance, you will travel with greater peace of mind. It’s also a good idea to have travelers and health insurance before travel.

Embrace Technology

Traveling has become easier than ever due to technology. Travel apps will help save money and time and make a trip less stressful. Apps can be used for guidebooks, maps, and recommendations on the best flight deals. Interestingly, most travel apps are free to download. To keep you from getting bored on the road, you can also download the fast withdrawal casino canada app for your Android or IOS mobile phone. There you will find dozens of interesting slot machines that will add to your boring time at the airport.

Get to the Airport Early

A lot of travel stressors revolve around time management. Never estimate anything that might cause delays during your commute to the airport. There could be a traffic jam on your way to the airport, so start your commute as early as possible. You may also need more time to navigate stressful screening processes and airport security. Try to minimize travel risk as much as you can by arriving at the airport on time. The earlier you arrive at the airport, the less stressed you will be about pat-downs, delays, and check-in lines.

Don’t Overpack

Packing for either a two-week or weekend getaway can be tiresome and stressful. Determine the items you will need for the entire vacation to avoid the stress of packing unnecessary items.

Leave some space in your luggage for items bought on your trip. Packing unnecessary stuff can burden you and lead to more stress, strained muscles, wrinkled items, and higher baggage fees. Tourists can avoid this by packing versatile clothes that can fit different styles.

Packing a few days before the departure day will also ensure you only pack the items you need. You might need a predicted weather app and a checklist of activities to determine things you will need to bring along. Packing in a backpack is highly recommendable as it is easier to navigate transit systems.


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Kelly Lewis is the founder of Go! Girl Guides, the Women's Travel Fest and Damesly. She's an optimist, an adventurer, an author and works to help women travel the world.

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  1. This is a list of tips for families who love flying

    Take onboard child friendly activity packs. Also ensure you have boarded a stopover flight. If possible get to the airport earlier in order to do some last minute shopping and have decent food at a airport restaurant prior to the departure. Carry some extra spare money. Pay attention to the flight take off and land times, please do read all of your travel paperwork carefully. Check your suitcases in ahead of time online etc.
    Pack lots of old kid appropriate toys, books, games, clothes and food for the plane. Make full use of the offered onboard entertainment however. Try to relax as much as possible. Stay calm on board the commercial jet. Research the chosen country or area in question online and prepare lists that are based on that.
    Consider ordering all your drinks in advance. To save on money bring your own homemade food to eat up in the air after the plane takes off from the ground. Watch your kids carefully. Note where actually your assigned seats will be on the flight. Write down the seat number and letter.

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