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Tantra is a Sanskrit word meaning warp or extension. The verbal root TAN means to expound, while TRA is to save. This text is applied in Oriental spirituality, including the doctrine and teachings they possess.

What is Tantra Yoga?

Tantra yoga is an ancient practice that presents a powerful combination of mantra, asana, mudra, and bandha (energy lock), and chakra (energy center). In other words, this is a healthy blend of strength, clarity, and bliss. By harnessing and embracing the sources of Shakti, the female goddess represents change and creativity.

Tantra yoga motivates us to live with more confidence and contentment, as it helps you connect with your body and energy. This practice works on the elusive energies within you to enhance spiritual growth and physical wellbeing. Through this exploration, the purpose of living in connection to others is understood in a completely new dimension.

Why practice Tantra?

Rod Stryker, a popular Tantra expert, clearly emphasizes on a three-fold package as to why everyone should consider practicing Tantra yoga. That is, to thrive, to prosper, and to combine the spiritual and the material world. Tantra yoga puts it clear on what is blocking you from thriving. The yoga then offer different techniques to help you achieve spiritual and material prosperity.

Where to Practice Tantra?

This holistic tradition of Tantra has been making a significant impact among many people these days. The growing interest of people has made it a prevalent practice all over the world. For example, you can find the best Tantra Yoga retreats in Thailand as well as in many parts of Asia. You can find workshops for singles and couples in New York. You can also find courses and meetups of this kind of yoga in London. So if you have plans of traveling but don’t want to miss out on your Tantra Yoga sessions, don’t worry. You can still practice it no matter where you are. 

Understanding Tantra Yoga

Tantra weaves together an assortment of yoga practices, including spiritual styles and teachings to connect with the universe and the people that surround us. Enrolling in a class exposes you to a Tantra intensive path, which focuses on elevating consciousness and living a full, abundant life, towards profound spiritual development. When practiced together with a partner, Tantra yoga deepens the relationship and makes it stronger. 

Five bodies of Tantra

Tantra is a holistic practice that involves five different bodies:

  1. The mental body – emotional
  2. The physical body 
  3. The energetic body
  4. The wisdom body – inner teacher
  5. The bliss body

There are strengths and weaknesses in each one of these bodies, all of which are usually deep within. The moment you bring them on the outside that is when you can gain control over yourself and desires. Tantra yoga has the capacity to reach the ultimate state of eternal bliss. 

Tantra Yoga Postures

Even though different techniques may apply, a Tantra yoga practice would usually include a vinyasa practice. After a number of postures, it would then go beyond the physical to the spiritual – meditation and pranayama. There will be mystical and spiritual teachings in the process, where the body becomes part of the greater universe. The postures include:

  1. The Boat Pose: Aids in strengthening and stretching you and your will help you connect as you sit on the floor facing each other, with the arms outside your legs as you reach for your partner’s hands. 

  2. Yab Yum: The larger person sits cross-legged, then the other one sits on his/her thighs with the ankles crossed behind the back. Allow the foreheads to touch, keeping the back straight, as you breathe deeply and slowly.

  3. Hand-on-Heart: Sit facing each other with your legs crossed. Take your right hand, place it on your partner’s heart, and tell him/her to do the same. Then take your left hand and place it on the other person’s right hand, your partner should follow your lead and do the same.

As you follow the above process, you will feel each other and connect with the energy from within. This feeling will increasingly grow as you breathe and delve deeper into the Tantra experience.

Have you ever practiced Tantra yoga? 


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