Tips For Staying Fit on Vacation


Nearly everyone has at least a few extra pounds that they would like to lose. When you’re at home, you can keep an eye on what you eat and find some time to get in a workout at the gym.

The same cannot be said for the vacations that you take. Between all the activities you want to do and the things you want to see, you might grab lunch or dinner at a fast food restaurant instead of having a healthy meal.

Though it’s trickier to lose while on vacation, here are some simple tips you can try.

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Grab Your Walking Shoes

A vacation can sometimes seem like the perfect excuse to kick back and do nothing. You might picture yourself spending half your time on the beach and half the time lounging around your suite. When you grab and bring your walking shoes from home, you have no excuse not to get active. You may want to look at the resort you want to book to see what attractions and activities are nearby. This helps you see where you can walk and what you can do. Even if you need to take a taxi to get to the city center, you can walk around town to get to the attractions you want to hit.

Stay in a Timeshare Resort

Those who want to stay fit and maybe even lose a few pounds while on vacation often choose a timeshare property. These resorts have more amenities than you would have at a hotel. Most have a full fitness center with the same equipment your gym at home does. You can hit the treadmill, work out with some weights and spend some time on a recumbent bike. Some timeshare resorts offer other amenities for those who love working out such as yoga classes on the beach and dance classes in the fitness center. Two popular timeshare resorts include Wyndham Cypress Palms timeshare in Kissimmee, FL and Wyndham Palm Aire timeshare in Pompano Beach, FL.

Read Menus Online

No matter how carefully you pick foods at home, you might feel as if you don’t need to count calories while on vacation. Those extra calories can really build up though. A good way to stay fit is with a look at online menus. Those menus can help you see which restaurants offer the best dishes that are both delicious and low in calories. You can also see how much those dishes cost.

Know When to Splurge

Staying fit on your vacation doesn’t mean that you can’t splurge every now and then. If you eat a light and healthy lunch, have something a little more indulgent for dinner. You can also eat lighter during each meal and treat yourself to a scrumptious dessert.

Or, instead of going for dessert, you might treat yourself to a few cocktails too. You really can stay fit and in shape on vacation, but you’ll want to think about where you stay, walk as much as possible and make smart meal choices.


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