4 Tips to Stay Fresh While Traveling


Between the planes, trains, taxis and the layovers, it can be hard to stay fresh while traveling. When it comes to travel and hygiene, here are a few tips to remember for your next long haul. There’s no charge, but it requires a few changes in your routine. Moreover, if you have a few dollars to spend, adding exposed skin care will make a more appealing change for you not only from the inside but also on the outside.

With these travel hygiene tips, people won’t even realize that you’ve been traveling for the past 30 hours!

How to stay fresh while traveling, without a shower.

1) Dress to Impress

Dressing comfortably does not always mean wearing your favorite sweatpants and throwing your hair up in a bun. You can dress your best while still looking nice and presentable while traveling. Do you have a favorite comfortable pair of jeans? Or perhaps a sweater that is as flattering as it is comfortable? Then these are things you should consider wearing rather than pajamas. If you’re traveling for a couple of days where you might not have time to shower, always pack an extra outfit so that you can stay in fresh clothes throughout the duration of your journey.

You can also take care that your clothes stay pristine if you have to repeat outfits. Fold your clothes nicely to prevent too much wrinkling, and perhaps throw a couple of dryer sheets in the mix to ensure that your outfits smell good. Having a Tide To-Go pen can help prevent stains. Using the Tide To-Go pen on a stain will lift any freshly made stain so that it does not settle in the fabric and ruin your clothing.

Stay fresh while traveling with these simple tips.

2) Freshen Up

During a recent study of airline passengers, researchers discovered that 19% of those surveyed said that the worst seat mate was someone with “bad breath or BO”. Radiate your true beauty rather than radiating odor. There are plenty of ways to freshen up without a shower, and yes, even in those tight, enclosed spaces. Try packing things like baby wipes, deodorant, and body spray.

Take any opportunity to brush your teeth with a portable tooth brush and travel size tooth paste. Some airlines will actually have these at your seats when you first board the plane. However, if you’re not in a place that is acceptable to brush your teeth, breath strips, gum and even mints can improve the freshness of your breath considerably. If you’re caught in a situation where none of these are available, reach for a tart fruit, like an apple or lemon. Not only is it healthy, but the acidity of the fruit will cause you to salivate, which is your body’s natural way of cleaning the mouth and preventing bad breath.

3) Keep Your Body Nourished

There are several ways to keep your body nourished, and the most obvious is eating well-balanced meals.

Let’s face it – the process of travel can leave us feeling drained, tired and anxious. It’s the perfect storm for your body to start craving foods that are high in salts and fats as a way to cope with the stress.

But this can be more detrimental than good. Reach for wholesome foods which will provide your body with steady levels of energy rather than a quick burst of energy followed by the infamous sugar crash.

On top of eating well, water is also key to keeping your body nourished. Staying hydrated will help you feel rested and will help prevent too much fatigue that can be a result of traveling. Staying nourished and hydrated while traveling is crucial for maintaining good health and preventing fatigue. It’s easy to forget to drink enough water or eat nutritious food when you’re on the go. One solution is to consider mobile IV therapy in Malibu, which can provide a convenient way to stay hydrated and replenish vital nutrients while traveling It’s also a way to keep your skin looking healthy. Lotion can also be used as a way to prevent your skin from looking dull.

4) Use Wipes to Keep Fresh

We are obsessed with the Healthy Hoo Hoo Wipes that we have been introduced to at Women’s Travel Fest. Now we never travel without them! When you can’t find a shower, these little wipes help you feel fresh in all the places you want to feel clean.

How do you stay fresh on the road?


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  1. Love this!! Particularly #1, as I’m not a fan of showing up to airports looking like I just rolled out of bed/haven’t showered. A pair of flats, comfy jeans, my favorite GAP sweater, and chapstick are a few of my travel staples.

    Rose water is also a great way to keep your skin nourished when traveling, especially if you’re flying a lot (which can dry out your skin). I recommend a travel size bottle that you can spritz on your face when necessary.

    Lastly, you can never go wrong with an environmentally friendly water bottle. No need to buy those expensive, plastic ones – depending, of course, on where you’re traveling. Some destinations aren’t recommended for drinking water out of the tap.

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