5 Luxury Hotels in Thailand You Should Know About


Here at Go! Girl Guides, we mainly focus on finding safe, affordable budget hostels and hotels. But there are times when a girl just has to treat herself!

If you’re ready to forgo the guesthouse backpacker trail, I have good news: staying in a five-star hotel in Thailand is often no more expensive than it would be to stay in a Best Western back home.

The following resorts I have toured personally and can attest to their beauty and attention to detail and service. Here are some luxury hotels in Thailand you should know about.

The Shangi-La in Thailand is one of the top luxury hotels in Thailand.

1. Shangri-La Bangkok

Shangri-La (pictured above) was built in 1986, but has been totally remodeled into a gorgeous luxury hotel that oozes sophistication from the moment you step inside. The rooms are spacious (and gorgeous) and the location puts you near to the SkyTrain, the area of Silom, and some of Bangkok’s popular sites.

Rates: 6,400B- 9,500B ($200-500+)

Awesome Features: Many rooms have floor to ceiling windows overlooking the Chao Phraya River and greater Bangkok. It’s a spectacular view that will take your breath away! Plus, their complimentary on-site buffet is incredible! They can organize tours for you, of course, and also have a private boat that can cruise you up to Ayutthaya or down river. Their spa, Chi, is the ultimate place to relax.

Luxury hotels in Thailand.

2. RatiLanna Riverside Spa Resort

RatiLanna is a luxury boutique hotel that’s built and designed in Lanna fashion. The rooms all feature private balconies, and the resort is located right on the Mae Ping River. While we were here, the Prime Minister of Thailand was also a guest. And, if it’s good enough for her… well, that just proves even more that it’s pretty darn awesome.

Rates: 4,700B-25,000B ($150+)

Awesome Features: The bathrooms! All bathrooms have a huge tub with a flat-screen TV and rock garden and waterfall. Heavenly. The private balconies are beautiful, many have a view of the river.

Luxury hotels in Thailand you should know about.

3. Anantara Golden Triangle

Anantara is a luxury resort chain with several locations across Thailand. The Golden Triangle resort is pristine and peaceful, with rooms that feature a view of the Golden Triangle (the area where Burma, Laos and Thailand intersect). Their heated pool and jacuzzi are heated with the excess energy it takes to power their air-conditioning, an environmentally-conscious decision I love and one that’s relatively rare around here.

Rates: Anywhere from around $200-850+, depending on room type, season and a bit of luck.

Awesome Features: The resort has tons of added perks, like an on-site elephant camp where guests can learn to be mahouts (elephant trainers). They are also home to an exotic bird reserve and don’t allow hunting on their 196 acres. Plus, they’ve got an on-site Thai cooking class that will have you cookin’ like a pro. Their spa was rated “Best in the World” in 2008.

Luxury hotels in Thailand for when you want to treat yourself.

4. Le Meridian Chiang Rai

If you’re looking to relax in the lap of luxury near the Golden Triangle in Chiang Rai, there’s no better place than Le Meridian Chiang Rai, the only five-star resort. The design combines a bit of Lanna influence with modern decor, and their outstanding service is unsurpassed. Unlike the rather firm beds found throughout most of Thailand, Le Meridian beds are comfortable and heavenly.

Rates: 5,500B-20,000B+ ($175+)

Awesome Features: Everything at Le Meridian helps you to relax and unwind, from their incredible service to their gorgeous outdoor pool. They’ve got an advanced spa and gym on site and can help you take care of any and everything you need, whether you’d like to go trekking or book an elephant ride. Be sure to stop in for dinner where their Chef will whip you up something mouth-watering.

5. St. Regis Bangkok

Built only 8 months ago in April of this year, the St. Regis is as pristine as they come. The rooms are comfortable and inviting (nothing feels too stiff here) and the staff are incredibly accommodating. Highly recommended!

Rates: 5,920B – 27,500B ($185+)

Awesome Features: Your own butler is provided with each room. Need help packing your bags? Your butler can help. Can’t find time to run out and buy envelopes/cue cards/tampax/ whatever? Just dial your “butler button” from your room’s phone. Now THAT’S how to relax in style!

There are several incredible resorts throughout Thailand, but these are the cream of the crop. Next time you’re passing through Thailand, take the opportunity to kick back, relax and get pampered in style.

Have you ever stayed in a five-star luxury resort? Where and when?


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