Jordan is Open for Travel, and Yes, You Should Go


When travel came to a grinding halt, everyone stayed home. Now, Jordan is leading the way in helping welcome travelers back, safely. 

There are a million reasons to travel to Jordan. This incredible land is home to some of the world’s best attractions, including the Dead Sea, Petra, and Wadi Rum (I’ll share all about that below!)

But on a recent trip to Jordan, I was also impressed by the measures that the country is taking to focus on safety. 

How Jordan is Keeping Travelers Safe

Before we get into what you should see and do in Jordan, here are some of the ways that Jordan is helping keep travelers safe. 

1. They Have An Easy Arrival Process and On-Site Covid Testing

Jordan makes traveling here a breeze, and if you’re fully vaccinated, the process is almost seamless. Before you arrive, you’ll fill out this arrival form, which generates a QR code that you will show officials upon arrival in Amman. 

You’ll also need to show proof of travel insurance, and if you’re vaccinated, you’ll show proof of vaccination. 

Since the United States vaccination cards do not have QR codes on them, I recommend downloading the Clear app, which will digitize your card and create a QR code (which many Middle Eastern countries will want to see). 

If you’re not vaccinated, Covid-19 tests are given upon arrival. 

2. There Are Frequent Checkpoints

You can’t drive on any major road in Jordan without encountering a police checkpoint, and if you’re not wearing a mask, you could be fined 50 JRD. 

These checkpoints help to ensure proper mask-wearing throughout the country and keep travelers safer. 

Jordan spends a lot of money on security so that the destination is safe for travelers.

The police presence is reassuring if you’re not the one driving. If you’re attempting to drive solo, however, and you don’t speak Arabic, this could be a problem. For this reason, I recommend hiring a tour guide in Jordan or joining one of our women-only tours to Jordan.

3. Jordan Has Incredible Medical Care

I don’t think many travelers realize that Jordan has cutting-edge medical technology. 

I needed a PCR test to leave the country, which gave me the chance to visit a local hospital, and it was spotless!

Not only that, but their systems were efficient and there was hardly any wait time. They had all of the technology you’d see in a Western hospital, which reassured me that should someone become very sick while traveling in Jordan, you’d receive incredible care. 

What to See in Jordan

1. The Dead Sea

No trip to Jordan is complete without visiting the Dead Sea! Float effortlessly in the world’s most salty sea. The Dead Sea is the lowest point on Earth and an incredible experience. Rub yourself with Dead Sea mud and your skin will be the softest you’ve ever felt! 

Tip: Visit the Dead Sea in the morning, when the winds are generally lower and the sea is calmer. 

Stay: Movenpick Dead Sea Resorts (and definitely splurge on their Zara Spa to spend the day at their infinity pool!) 

2. Wadi Rum

Travel to another planet without ever leaving Jordan — Wadi Rum is a frequent background for movies like The Martian, Star Wars, etc, because the red sand here really makes you feel like you’re in Mars! 

When you come to Wadi Rum you’ll likely do either a camel ride or a 4×4 safari (or both), and both are totally well worth it. The 4×4 safaris are usually called “Jeep Safaris” but really, you’re in the back of a pickup truck that is outfitted with benches so you can sit comfortably. Some have shade, most don’t. It’s a long day in the sun but it’s SO MUCH FUN! 

Stay: We stayed at Memories Aicha Luxury Camp

3. Petra

The most famous attraction in Jordan and one of the Seven New Wonders of the World. Petra is absolutely INCREDIBLE and you will want to spend a full day here, exploring and walking around. I highly recommend making the hike up to the Treasury – it’s well worth the effort! 

Bring water, sunblock, a sun hat, and your great walking shoes. On our day in Petra, we ended up walking over 20km. 

Tip: If you can, try to experience Petra By Night, when the Treasury is lit up by candlelight. It’s a gorgeous experience, which happens Monday, Wednesday, and Thursday of each week. 

Stay: Petra Marriott Hotel

4. Little Petra

A lot of people sleep on Little Petra! I was surprised that while Petra was packed with travelers, we had Little Petra all to ourselves. This short visit won’t take you more than 30 minutes and is a really cool destination! 

Stay: Petra Marriott Hotel

5. Wadi Mujib

Wadi Mujib is a slot canyon hike that involves a series of ropes courses, rappelling, swimming and climbing. It’s like hiking through Antelope Canyon, but with water. We had a blast on our day in this absolutely gorgeous canyon. For adventurous travelers, this is the best!

Tip: Bring water shoes with you that have front toe coverage. Or, you can rent shoes from the canyon for 5 JRD.

6. Explore Amman

There is so much to do in the capital city of Amman that we could never cover it just in one paragraph. We’ll be writing a whole other blog post on it! But, don’t miss the Citadel and a visit to Rainbow Street.

Stay: Le Royal Amman

I’ll be sharing so much more from my visit to Jordan, but if you’re thinking about traveling to Jordan and are on the fence because of Covid-19 or safety, let me just say: GO! You won’t regret it.

Have you been to Jordan?


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  1. I had never considered a trip to Jordan before reading this post. But wow! Definitely looking into the group tour option – sounds like an incredible way to experience it. Thank you for sharing the safety info as well – definitely looking for more covid-safe/conscious destinations to experience in the next year.

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