Travel Guide for Women Visiting Chicago


Known for its architecture, music and of course deep-dish pizza, Chicago is an amazing place to see and visit. Being one of the largest cities in the U.S., Chicago is rich with things to do, from sight-seeing, museums, shopping and sports, so no matter what you are into, you will surly find something to experience in the Windy City.

Chicago can be fun for the whole family but if you are a world class traveling woman who likes to take trips with her friends or even likes to go solo, there is still a ton of things to do. With a buzzing downtown scene, delicious restaurants and amazing shopping, any woman visiting can enjoy something Chicago has to offer. To make it easier, here’s our Chicago travel guide for women.


Let’s start with Transportation – Obviously if you are flying into the city you will have already experienced O’Hare International Airport. You might not have kno

wn this, but there are beautiful sculptures and paintings throughout the airport terminals. Whenever I’m in an airport its not necessarily something I’m looking for (since we are usually on the move to get out of there!), but next time perhaps you can take a look and enjoy some of the finer elements of art within O’Hare.

Did you know Chicago is host to one of the most beautiful train stations too? The train station boasts gorgeous architecture and is one of the major hubs for throughout the U.S. In and out of the city, you will have access to the CTA line or called the “L” to take you around the loop to get you where you need. Other options of course are, buses, taxi’s or even rent a party bus to get you and your friends where you need to go!

Where to Stay

Where to stay- There are many places to choose from in and around the city but here are a few that really stand out. If you are interested in shopping, then you can stay at The Peninsula Chicago a luxurious hotel near all the hot shopping spots. There is also the Chicago Athletic Association that’s near famous parks and has an adult playground! Lastly there’s Hotel Lincoln that is located near the ball park and zoo.

Places to Eat

Places to eat- First we’ll start with pizza places (you have to have some pizza while visiting Chicago). Pizzeria Uno should be on you list to try being that it was the inventor of the deep-dish pizza, there is also the popular Lou Malnati’s pizza with many locations throughout the city. Other restaurants you can check out are Cindy’s Rooftop where you can eat or drink with some amazing views and you can try Canton Regional’s known for it’s delicious authentic Mexican dishes.

Where to Shop

Where to shop- With amazing shopping everywhere you look, here are a few places where you can find pretty much anything you want. The Woodfield Mall will have pretty much anything you are looking for being that it is HUGE and has almost any store you can think of. If you are looking for something a little quieter you can visit Andersonville which is an area of locally owned stores and shops that sell vintage or one-of-a-kind items. You should also check out Lincoln Square, this charming and quaint area has plenty of stores/boutiques and little cafe’s where you can eat/drink while you are out and about.

Sights to See

Sights to see- Almost too many to mention here are some awesome sightseeing and places to visit while in Chicago.

-The Skydeck- Located on the tallest building in the city, you can literally have a birds-eye-view of the city below. You can also experience The Ledge which is a glass observation booth to get an even better view!

-River Walk- Filled with restaurants, bars and shops, you can walk around and enjoy fantastic views of the city and water.

-Tours- Specifically boat tours where you can float around the river and just enjoy the scenery or architecture tours where you can learn about the history of the city and its skyline.

-The Chicago Theater- Enjoy musical, theatrical and comedy shows at this famous theater.

-Navy Pier- A popular tourist spot that has awesome views with a Ferris wheel and other rides to experience.


Like mentioned before, there are truly so many things you can do! Others include, museums that are rich with art, history and science. Breweries and bars where you can try out new ales or sip your favorite beer. Of course if you are a sports fan, Chicago is host to some of the top teams in baseball, football and basketball. Whatever your heart desires, hopefully this guide will help you plan your perfect trip.


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  1. What a great post and guide to visiting Chicago! I only ever get to go for work, but next time, I’m going to take your cues and see some of the sights. Thanks for linking to my O’Hare post, too; it is a wonderful airport and I’m glad it’s getting its due.

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