Packing Tips for Opposite Climates


Have you ever taken a trip to a destination that had the opposite climate?

Some of us may be headed down to the tropics for some sun and fun, or up to the mountains for snow and winter sports.

How do you pack in such a circumstance? What outfit do you wear to the airport and how do you pack your suitcase?

Living in New York all my life, I have left the winter to travel to a summer destination and vice versa. Sometimes the seasons are not even exact with what the temperatures may be, such as in the cases of many countries that experience seasons. Traveling in shoulder season (the autumn or spring) brings up packing questions as well.

Here’s some helpful tips for packing when traveling to opposite climates and how to pack comfortably:

Method of Packing: The two common methods are folding or rolling. Try out which method will leave you with more space in your suitcase before you leave. With more space, you can fit more items.

Clothing to Pack and Basics: Try to stick with the basics colors of items so you can mix and match. This will lessen the amount you pack into your suitcase. For example, a cardigan or blazer can go many more ways rather than bringing numerous sweaters. Two pairs of pants/short/skirts  – such as black, white, jean or navy – can also be used for more outfits rather than bringing them in different colors. The same goes for shoes and accessories. If you have a type of shoe, shawl or necklace that will match with everything you’re bringing, bring that rather than a separate kind for everyday.

Safety Clothing: Since the weather will be opposite where you are headed, don’t ditch your current wear. Bring your sweater if you’re leaving the cold. Wear shorts if you’re leaving 90 degree weather. Here’s more information on what to wear to the airport…

Travel to the Airport: When traveling to the airport, try to wear a few layers of clothing that you can take off. Two shirts with a sweater and jeans/leggings should be sufficient for the airport no matter if you’re  leaving winter or summer. If you know you’ll need to wear a winter coat at your final destination, try to throw it on or pack it into your carry-on. For shoes, flats or walking shoes are a safer bet than sandals or boots.

Filling Suitcase Space with Everything: A few nights before my flight I like to look for tips from sites like; the Land of the traveler, there, I scoop up new ideas from experienced travelers. For example, when your suitcase is ready, try to find and fill all the spaces possible. I pack my socks and undies into my shoes to save space. I do the same with swimwear and tank tops. I buy travel size bottles of everything or, pour liquids into small empty bottles I have accumulated. Make-up kit? I try to stick with one pallet of eye shadows and one of everything else.

How do you pack for opposite climates?


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