The Most Important Item to Pack


I know, I know. Packing can be difficult because we always want to bring a few more handmade chunky silver necklaces or pair of shoes that we just might need for that one special occasion or to complete an outfit.

If you only have space in your suitcase for that one last special thing, the most important item to pack is: a bright scarf! You can use a scarf in so many different ways. Here are some that may help you out when you’re in a jam:

You Can Use it as…a Scarf

The first and most obvious way to use a scarf is as it was designed, to keep you warm!  A light spring scarf can just be what you need to transition from day to night when it cools down or traveling during those transitional periods like spring or fall.

Use it to Cover Your Shoulders

I visited Istanbul in the middle of summer when it was hot, hot, hot! While I walked around in a t-shirt and shorts because I simply could not stand the heat, I had to cover up before I went inside the mosques. A scarf will help you to cover your shoulders to respect local and religious customs.

Use it as a Sarong

While I’ve been to a nude beach, I’m still not so comfortable about showing my body around strangers and usually prefer to cover up just a little bit even if I’m trying to get a tan or when I’m heading to the boardwalk from the sandy beach.  I like to use my scarves as a sarong to have just a hint of modesty for those fun summer beach days.

Or as an Emergency Towel

I love all my scarves and try to keep them in good condition, but I have also used a scarf as a towel when I was hiking to wipe away sweat and also as an emergency band-aid when I accidentally cut myself and had to stop the bleeding.

Wrap up your Hair

I once had a disaster hostel situation and to make a long story short, the showers weren’t working. So after a long sweaty day of traveling and no water to wash my hair, I did what any smart girl does, I wrapped my hair in my scarf and played it off as a cool look.

To Accessorize

Lastly, I try to accessorize and make my outfit have one interesting aspect even if I’m hiking for eight hours and am just going to soak everything in sweat.  A scarf can be a good accessory to bring along to just have a punch of color during the day or if you’re going out at night!  Anything that makes you feel good and smile!


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