The Perfect Bag to Travel Light


Who doesn’t love to travel? Well, there can be a number of people who are not enthusiasts of travelling, but there are a whole lot of other people who do. While different people may have different travel preferences, several travelers now practice the habit of packing light. Hence, the emergence of ‘backpackers’ or those wanderlust travelers who roam in various parts of the world with only their backpacks.

Whether being a ‘backpacker’ triggers your interest, or if you simply want to travel light, the perfect bag to travel light:

Can still hold all your stuff

So maybe you are new to this ‘pack light’ idea, but at the same time, you also opt not to check in a bag during a flight. Thereby, make sure to get a bag with a dimension that fits a carry-on baggage, but in parallel, have ample space where you can squeeze all your things. Look for extra features such as hooks where you can attach keys or water bottles, as well as several pockets where you can store different items. Make sure to check out these options when you look for a bag that can hold all your stuff. Some don’t even look like a backpack because of various carrying options. Nevertheless, most bags that fit in this category are durable and lightweight, not to mention, comfortable to carry.

Has wheels

Yes, so wouldn’t it be great if your backpack comes with wheels so that you can just push or pull it around when you get tired? Most backpacks that do come with wheels are versatile such that some even offer a removable daypack with lots of room for storing those important stuff such as passports and of course, your phone, cards and keys among others.

Is lightweight

It cannot be denied that the weight of your bag adds weight to all the stuff you carry. Hence, it is best if you opt for a  lightweight bag with the same wide room for all your things to go into. There are even lightweight bags that can be folded into a pouch for easy storage. Come to think of it, store a foldable, lightweight bag and use it as an additional bag when you need to.

Can secure all your gadgets

If you are the type of traveler who cannot leave without your gadgets, then the perfect bag for you should be able to secure all your electronic stuff. Look for anti-theft zippers or a padded compartment for your laptop.

Is also the perfect bag for business and adventure

If you are travelling for business, then your bag should be able to hold all your business essentials, as well as a couple of clothes you need for your trip. There are professional looking bags that can hold all your business stuff while there are also others that can even be transformed into a briefcase. On the other hand, if you are travelling for adventure, then your bag should feature a hip belt harness which reduces the weight of the load you have to carry. It is a plus if your bag comes with a waterproof design made from a lightweight and sturdy fabric.

Is made for comfort

If you are going to carry your bag for a long duration, then it is important that you are comfortable in doing so. Most bags that ensure comfort are those light and durable so that you will not have a hard time carrying it around long airport walkways or a day-long tour. Nevertheless, don’t be misled into thinking that lightweight bags don’t have large compartments because you will surely be mistaken.

Has your personality

Everything has been all about the capacity and characteristics of the bag. Perhaps it is about time to choose a bag that reflects your personality. This might not come as a priority, but apart from comfort and versatility to allow you to travel light, it will definitely be a plus if you are able to travel with a bag that you actually like. Hence, the bag’s design and overall look still matters. The perfect bag to travel light will reflect your personality.


Different people travel for different reasons. In the same manner, how one pack his stuff is definitely different from another. You can either pack everything you think you need, making sure that you come prepared, or be a minimalist and pack stuff that can serve a variety of purposes. Nevertheless, you will surely need the perfect bag to travel light.


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