East Coast Road Trip – Part 1 – The Northern Tip


The East Coast is ideal for road trips; it’s just hopelessly packed with diverse, worthy sights. In this three-part series, we’d like to suggest an itinerary to sample some of what the East Coast does best. We’ll start in the north and move southward.

Maine’s Acadia is widely considered a gem among National Parks. Maine is on the Northeastern frontier of the United States, nestled up against Canadian wilderness, so the hiking is abundant, often unspoiled and secluded. One of Maine’s remarkable qualities (besides its fresh lobster) is its dramatic rocky coastline, especially Acadia’s “fjords.”

After a five-hour drive down the length of Maine, Boston, Massachusetts will give you a big dose of American history. Boston’s colonial past can be explored at Faneuil Hall—prominent marketplace and meeting hall since 1742, and the site of speeches by revolutionaries like Samuel Adams, who inspired colonists to seek independence from the British. There’s also the house of Paul Revere, who took that famous midnight ride to inform Samuel Adams and John Hancock that the British were coming. It’s the oldest building downtown, built around 1680. History buffs can easily stay busy in Boston for a solid week.

About an hour south of Boston you’ll find Bristol, Rhode Island. You’ve been in New England this whole time, but you’ve got to explore one of these historic port towns dotted with lovely 18th– and 19th-century homes and churches. Bristol’s waterfront is the ideal place for an afternoon walk, and it wouldn’t be complete without Del’s frozen lemonade.

Another four hours down the coast, New York City is so expansive and hard to avoid, you might as well stop and enjoy it. As the nation’s largest city, New York has everything, but it does have particular strengths. We recommend a trip up to the Top of the Rock for that awe-inspiring view over the five boroughs, so you can see just how much city you’re dealing with. Balance that out with something less touristy, maybe a visit to the Museum of Sex followed by aphrodisiac cocktails at their bar. For a more general audience, the full gamut of contemporary art, sculpture, and installation awaits at the Museum of Modern Art, which hosts free Friday nights.

To be continued…

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